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A Financier, A Restaurateur, Dr Roberto Ugolini

What happens when a Financier turns into a Restaurateur

Dr Roberto Ugolini (Managing Director of Ocean Catering Co., Ltd.) is a 53 year old native of Italy who gave up the game of managing other peoples’ money and assets, pulled up his roots and decided to invest in himself by starting afresh in the catering business here in Thailand and more particularly in Phuket.

Dr Ugolini started his working life with UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) specializing in wealth management, investment banking, asset management and business banking for clients. 15 years ago he moved to Bangkok as Resident Manager for an Italian Banking Company in Silom Road and stayed there for 4 years, still involved with the management of wealth. Eventually however, he reached a turning point and left the world of finance. Coming to Phuket on holiday, he bought 3 units at Royal Phuket Marina with the intention of opening the ‘Limoncello’ restaurant.

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Banking on food

When a banker turns to food, he puts his money where his taste buds are, and that’s what Roberto Ugolini, CEO of Watermark group, is doing, writes Veena N.

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