Maybe you’re eating more vegan foods. Maybe you’re following vegan influencers. But are you wearing vegan shoes? Here are the vegan shoe brands you ought to know.

The ever-increasing impact of fashion footprints on our environment has led to the creation of eco-conscious fashion staples manufactured with responsible materials using sustainable innovations.

Putting the planet first is no longer an afterthought as some brands are really putting their heart and soul into delivering leather-free and eco-friendly alternatives, especially when it comes to shoes. Given the hazards of the leather industry, massive energy and toxic chemicals are used in manufacturing giving tannery effluents as by-products, which are one of the biggest sources of soil and water pollution in the world, it’s about time to go leather-free.

From innovative footwear utilising waste and recycled rubber tyres to cereals, here is a list of some of the most sustainable, durable and stylish vegan shoe brands that you can wear with utmost pride.

(Hero and Featured image credit: Stella McCartney/Twitter)

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