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12 defining meals everyone has had during lockdown

Maybe you bought an air-fryer. Maybe you attempted to make Dalgona coffee.

There are so many strange things that went down this past — and kind of current — lockdown. Here’s a quick summary of defining meals we’ve had, presented in a semi-timeline of events.

[Hero Image Credit: Bruna Branco/Unsplash; Featured Image Credit: Estudio Bloom/Unsplash]

Image Credit: Yulia Khlebnikova/Unsplash

The Motivated Chia Seed Pudding

We broke this out at the beginning of this whole spiel. We were all, “don’t touch your face” and “what song do you wash your hands to?” It was naivety and hopefulness packed into one. We googled the recipe for this pudding, and we invested in superfoods like chia seeds before we realised how expensive they were. We ate this and thought the pandemic would blow over in a few weeks. If we could turn back time…

Image Credit: Leigh Skomal/Unsplash

The I-Have-Hobbies-Now Banana Bread

Our offices closed and we worked from home, and we suddenly found a new work-life balance. We were painters. We were bakers. We were yogis. For about a month, we ate banana bread religiously, for the sheer reason that it was easy to bake and great to impress. By now, everyone knows how to make it, and we’d rather just have real bread, sorry.

The Netflix & Chill at 7-11

Pre-curfew, you could still catch us at 7-11 in the evenings. It was our own personal snacking taste test. Prawn chips, mini hot dogs, Haribo by the kilo: you name it. If there was a murder show to be watched, there was an aisles-worth of snacks to be munched. Bonus points if you picked up moo ping from the stall outside, too.

Image Credit: Ana Maltez/Unsplash

The Cheeseboard for Instagram

You did it for the likes and we’re not blaming you. Cheeseboards had a hot minute during the first lockdown, and many of us became real connoisseurs and crafters. We’re lucky to live a city that offers many places to order cheese (and wine), and we had a lot of fun with this activity. Could we call it a hobby?

Image Credit: Haryo Setyadi/Unsplash

The #WFH Curry & Rice

Whilst at first we were all about DIY and long recipes and complicated components, a few months into working from home did not look so snazzy. We went back to basics and enjoyed our favourite leftovers for lunch. Your mum’s massaman? Your aunty’s fish cakes? An enthusiastic co-workers homemade dumplings? Send ‘em over.

The Diet-Starts-Tomorrow Burger

Maybe you had a fiery Microsoft Teams meeting with the regional office. Maybe your nosy neighbour commented on your weight gain in the elevator (what can they even see behind that mask?). This burger was one of those revenge and power play burgers. You ordered it with wagyu. You ordered it with curly fries. You had a milkshake as a side. You went all the way, and it felt so, so good.

Image Credit: Amirali Mirhashemian/Unsplash

The Diet-Starts-Today Poke Bowl

For all those nights where you ate too much cheese and chocolate and didn’t quite stick to your intermittent fasting scheme, the poke bowl always came in handy. Trendy, ‘grammable, and packed with nutrients, it’s a little reminiscent of the optimism we had at the beginning of the pandemic. Except you probably ate this alongside a shot of tequila, or something.

The Break Up Spaghetti

Some relationships flourished during this time, whilst others sadly suffered. You know who you are. We know you ordered the Carbonara with extra garlic bread. Nobody’s judging you. Let that little heart heal. Use two food delivery apps at the same time and get the fried chicken, too.

Image Credit: Benjamin Henon/Unsplash

The Online Shopping Cheesecake

If, like us, you muted yourself during conference calls so you could browse Shopee in peace, you’ll totally get this. Online shopping has been a real sport during this pandemic. We did ours alongside some cheesecake, because nothing tasted sweeter with every virtual swipe of our credit cards. Basque burnt cheesecake for breakfast? You only live once.

The We’re Screwed Screw Driver

Have you set up a home bar yet? It’s about time. We’ve lost count of the number of alcohol bans and bar closures we’ve encountered this pandemic, and we’ve definitely lost count of the drinks we’ve had. Let’s test negative and think positive, though. More juice, anyone?

The How Many (?!) Vaccines Ice Cream

Can we supersize that pint?

Image Credit: Fallon Michael/Unsplash

The Keep Calm Cookies

Tough cookie or soft cookie: we don’t advocate stress- or binge-eating, but we know how helpful food can be for comfort. We also know that sticking together and supporting the local food industry is what keeps the community afloat. We’re thankful for every delivery and every meal we’ve enjoyed this past lockdown, jokes and pokes aside. Try not to trip, chocolate chip. What’s for dinner?

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