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12 Netflix shows to get you in the mood for summer

Are you ready for the summer?

In this blinding heat, the only thing on our minds is summer. Oh, to be near a beach, lazing about on pool chairs, and generally just having some fun under the sun. Though we should not be travelling to the beach in the middle of a lockdown, that doesn’t mean we can’t fulfill our beaching needs right in the comfort of our own home.

We picked out these shows, movies, and documentaries for you to live that summer feeling at home.

Love Island Australia

Image credit: Netflix

Love Island is a reality series all about love, dating, and views for days. With three seasons of the UK and US versions and two seasons of the Australian version, this show will get you hooked and involved in all the individual contestant’s lives. With each drama-filled episode, watch as the contestants try to mingle and couple up as they go through life in the villa. This show is sure to keep you occupied not only as you watch it but even after as you stalk the contestants’ social media trying to figure out if they are still together or not.

Watch Love Island Australia on Netflix here.

Too Hot to Handle

Image credit: Netflix

In this TV show, Netflix brings out stunning singles together under the hot Mexican sun with the aim to win a grand prize of $100,000. Of course, like any reality show, there is a twist: all contestants must abstain during the four week vacation. Let’s see how much of that $100,000 will remain. Fall in love with each contestant as they try to get through the week while trying to keep their hands off each other.

Watch Too Hot to Handle on Netflix here.

Queer Eye

Image credit: Netflix

Hit reality show of the 2000s Queer Eye’s Netflix reboot has a new Fab Five in tow. Watch as fashion expert Tan France, culture vulture Karamo Brown, food and wine connoisseur Antoni Porowski, interior designer Bobby Berk, and hair stylist Jonathan Van Ness turn people’s lives around with a make over. Season six is currently being filmed and it seems like the cast is going back to Texas, so catch up before the new season is released. With each episode featuring new people, places, and stories, it’s difficult to be bored while watching.

Watch Queer Eye on Netflix here.

Stranger Things

Image credit: Netflix

If you are in the mood for something on the spookier side, Stranger Things is a good show to start binging. The sci-fi show takes you on a ride with a group of young friends up against supernatural forces and secret government experiments. The more they search for the truth, the more they unravel the rotten insides of life in 1980s Indiana. Netflix has recently graced us with the new teaser trailer for the fourth season, so it’s a great time to start watching or re-watching the show.

Watch Stranger Things on Netflix here.

Outer Banks

Image credit: Netflix

Set in a coastal town, Outer Banks follows John B and his friend ‘The Pogues’ on an adventure to find treasure, the same treasure that may be the cause of his father’s mysterious disappearance. Struggling to juggle life, love and loss while taking on the task, viewers are left to find out whether the two come back with what they’re trying to find. The first season is currently airing, and with the second season premiering this summer, be sure to catch up before you miss out.

Watch Outer Banks on Netflix here.

The Last Summer

Image credit: Netflix

Remember the summer before everything changed? Travel back to that that summer before you started university with KJ Appa and Maia Mitchell in The Last Summer as they battle with love and friendship before they head off to college.

Watch The Last Summer on Netflix here.

Mamma Mia!

Image credit: Netflix

It’s no doubt that the classic 2008 movie, Mamma Mia! will make it into every summer watch list. Set in Greece, the movie serves up beautiful views in every shot. With soundtrack accompaniment by the iconic Swedish band ABBA, this movie is not something you would want to miss. Watch as Sophie, played by Amanda Seyfried, tries to figure out who her father is between three of her mother’s past flings. Once you’re done with the first film, watch as the cast return for Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Watch Mamma Mia! on Netflix here.

My Girl

Image credit: Netflix

This 1991 coming-of-age film is something to enjoy with your family. In a perfect mixture of love and loss, watch the tear-jerking story of two kids, Veda and Thomas as they live a summer trying to cope with new loves, friendships, feelings, and everything in between.  This movie will have you reminiscing to stress-free summers just hanging out with your friends.

Watch My Girl on Netflix here.

Enola Holmes

Image credit: Netflix

Adapted from The Enola Holmes Mysteries, Netflix spotlights the famous Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister who is on a quest to find her mother. The cast features Millie Bobby Brown as Enola, Louis Partridge as Tewkesbury and Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes. The stars are also set to be back for a sequel as we follow Enola on the journey to find her mother. But the important question: Will you follow along with them on this adventure?

Watch Enola Holmes on Netflix here.

Finding ‘Ohana

Image credit: Netflix

This Netflix original is all about two siblings who moved back to Oahu, Hawaii for the summer. They go on an adventure with new friends to find long lost treasure left behind by pirates. Watch as they try to find the gold and reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage.

Watch Finding ‘Ohana on Netflix here.


Image credit: Netflix

This new Netflix original is a great family movie, but it might cause your kids to have some similar ideas. Yes Day is exactly what the title suggests: two parents, three kids and an entire day without the word no. Follow the Torres family for a day full of fun and yesses.

Watch YES DAY on Netflix here.

FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Image credit: Netflix

If you are bored of movies and TV shows, documentaries can be an interesting discovery. We recommend Fyre Fest: The Party That Never Happened, a docuseries following the luxury music experience that turned out to be the worst nightmare music festival-goers ever imagined. Viewers will learn the full story of the disastrous event through anecdotes from the Fyre Fest team and Bahamian locals involved.

Watch Fyre Fest: The Party That Never Happened on Netflix here.

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