3 ways to spice up the perfect sushi doughnut recipe

Delicious and aesthetically pleasing, it is the perfect combo.

Combining the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort food, sushi doughnuts have grown exponentially from a trend in Japan to a viral content on social media. And why wouldn’t they? They look super cute and they’re flavoursome. It’s probably not the most practical way to eat sushi, but there’s no doubt that they can certainly be fun to make.

One of the best things you can do with sushi doughnuts is to be creative — play around with it! Want to combine sweet with savoury? We won’t judge. Check out some of our favourite ways to spice up your sushi doughnuts, so you can make them according to what tickles your taste buds.

The sky’s the limit for toppings

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Sushi doughnuts, just like regular doughnuts, are all about what you sprinkle on top. Whether you choose to keep it classic or go fancy with it, or you simply want to keep it green — you don’t have to limit yourself. Go-to toppings for the classic sushi doughnut include elements that you would normally find in a regular sushi; from fundamental ingredients like fish roe, tamago (egg), sesame seeds and avocado, to veggies like cucumber, scallions, pickled ginger or radish, and more. We definitely recommend going wild with your doughnut toppings — especially for colour and texture.

Add a surprise centre

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If you’re a fan of jelly doughnuts or any type of doughnuts with fillings at all, here’s your chance to integrate that into your sushi doughnut. Like toppings, you can get extra creative with your fillings — whether it’s the classic crabmeat filling or even more greens, just remember to fill the mould halfway with rice so there’s space for the filling, and then cover with more rice before pressing and shaping the sushi doughnuts.

Sauce it up

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The sushi doughnut is a versatile creation. Some like it dry, some like it seasoned. A neat way to make your sushi doughnut stand out from the rest is by going beyond the soy sauce. If you’ve added an abundance of greens on your sushi doughnut, it’s only one step away from becoming a salad — and what better way to add the finishing touch than with salad dressing? We’re currently obsessed with Hellmann’s Miso Ponzu sauce from Hellmann’s range of salad dressings, which goes really well with the sushi doughnut and keeps the taste authentic. Thanks to its perfect blend of savoury taste from miso and a twist of tanginess from ponzu, it’s sure to spice up your doughnut and add more flavour.

Hellmann’s salad dressings are also available in two other flavours — Blueberries & Lime, and Triple Citrus. Grab them today in stores or online at Shopee store or Lazada’s Grocery store.

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