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5 colourful sneakers to celebrate Pride Month

If you want to celebrate Pride in style, maybe Pride sneakers are the way to go.

Celebrating Pride does not have to be extravagant. It can be simple, like dancing in your room, incorporating a small household design, or in this case, incorporating pride-themed sneakers into your outfits. A lot of brands are incorporating the celebration of Pride into their collections, or even partnering up with creatives to help design these shoes. For them, they are able to use pride sneakers as a form of expression and to amplify their voices within the community. They also attempt to donate money to LGBTQIA+ organisations.

Whether you prefer bold patterns or more simplistic design, scroll ahead for our selection of colourful pride sneakers to sport this month.

[Hero Image Credit: Vans via Facebook]


In their 6th Pride collaboration, Converse is using this collection as an opportunity to amplify the voices of those within the LGBTQ+ community. Along with releasing this new collection, they are also donating to LGBTQIA+ organisations as they have done with their previous releases.

[Image Credit: Converse]

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Adidas is not new to dropping Pride collections either. This year they have decided to feature many different styles of sneakers including the Superstars, Stan Smiths, Boosts and Forum Lows. They have not only utilised the classic rainbow but also colours from other pride flags. Though their collection does not stop at sneakers and also includes shirts, slides, and even pants, the sneakers are definitely the star of the show.

[Image Credit: Adidas]

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Vans’ Pride collection never fails to amaze us. This year they have partnered up with four creators for this drop: Tyris Winter, Mich Miller, Serena Sioma, and Sam McGuire. Coming out with 12 pairs of sneakers, they ensure you will find your unique style within their collection. Like the others, sneakers are not the only thing they have dropped, as the collection also includes shirts, hats, shades, and more. Alongside the drop they have also teamed up with four different LGBTQIA+ organisations for donations.

[Image Credit: Vans]

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Coach launches their Pride collection with bags, wallets, and a jacket, along with their “Lowline Low Top Sneaker In Rainbow Signature Canvas”. Staying true to their original style, they’ve incorporated the rainbow into their signature design. Like the other brands, the Coach Foundation is also partnering up with four organisations to make donations to try and create a safe space for the LGBTQIA+ community.

[Image Credit: Coach]

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Toms brings forth their take on the Pride, including socks, masks, and shades, alongside their four Pride-themed slip-ons. This Pride collection ranges from subtle rainbows to a more vibrant pattern, so find a style that fits right with you. To bring this collection to life, Toms is working alongside LGBTQIA+ creators and even donating to Brave Trails, as they launch a mental-health program for community members.

[Image Credit: Toms]

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