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5 playlists to listen to if you’re in the mood to travel

There’s something really special about listening to music.

In just a few notes, it can transport you to a completely different place, to a completely different crowd, and into a completely different mood.

Yet whilst this beautifully breezy and extremely easy means of mental teleportation is grand, there’s also no denying that crafting the perfect playlist to do so may be a bit of a challenge.

Browsing through the symphonic streets of Spotify, we came across Playlister, a company that puts together playlists for specific brands. What they also do, however, is set playlists for very particular vibes — think, poolside afternoons or shopping sprees.

Here, we’ve put together a few of our favourite travel-themed playlists that are sure to satisfy just a little of your impending wanderlust.

Beach club in Bali? Dinner in Paris? Napping in a rainforest? These tracks have got you covered.

[Featured and Hero Image Credit: Klevin Li/Unsplash]

Beach Bar Blissed Out Afternoon

The vibe: A breeze in your hair and the scent of suncream

Set the scene: A tie-dye bikini or a linen shirt

Sip this: A piscine cocktail

Munch this: A prosecco popsicle

Tropical Time Out

The vibe: An exotic flower in your hair and an occasional rain shower. Also butterflies.

Set the scene: Light white cotton curtains flowing in the wind

Sip this: Coconut water

Munch this: Sliced pineapple

Vintage Mornings

The vibe: Paris in early summer

Set the scene: A fresh perfume

Sip this: Coffee on a small outdoor table

Munch this: Dark chocolate

LDN Jazz

The vibe: Afternoons with a good book

Set the scene: Make it a little cold, like London

Sip this: Black tea with milk and sugar

Munch this: Anything with strawberry jam

Summer Loving

The vibe: Jumping in the pool

Set the scene: Take a nap on an inflatable pool float

Sip this: Anything with a cocktail umbrella

Munch this: Jelly gummies (soaked in vodka if you’re that kind of person)

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This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 10 June 2020. 

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