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5 Thai aroma hand sanitisers that smell good and do good

To keep hands germ-free, start with an aroma hand sanitiser.

Whilst we all know now that washing hands often with water and soap are the best way to go, what do you do when these aren’t available? Hand sanitisers have become our new essentials to carry on-the-go. The only issue is that many dry out your hands, smell of alcohol, and can leave a sticky film. That’s where aroma hand sanitisers — and especially Thai aroma hand sanitisers — step in. They use natural and aromatic formulas to reduce germ count on your hands, but also leave them soft and fragrant. Shop our favourites below.

[Hero Image Credit: Yugen; Featured Image Credit: Karmakamet]


With plenty of aromatic scents to choose from, Karmakamet’s hand sanitiser gel comes in eight delightful fragrances. It’s enriched with plant alcohol, hydrolyzed silk extracts, hydrolyzed milk proteins, and glycerine that help to reduce bacteria and hold in moisture. 

Price: THB 250-275/60 ml

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If you’re looking to retain moisture, Panpuri’s alcohol gel hand sanitiser is a pleasant choice. Purifying and hydrating through aloe vera and glycerin, you can expect your hands to feel soft and smooth after use. The gentle consistency doesn’t irritate even sensitive skin, and it is available with a selection of unique aromatic scents: a blend of sandalwood and certified organic lavender. This can help you relieve headaches and calm the nerves, too. 

Price: 1,200 THB/200 ml (4 piece set)

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Harnn’s Oriental Herbs Hand Sanitising Spray is formulated to deep clean your hands without leaving a sticky film. It is hydrating and soothing thanks to Vitamin B5, rosewater, witch hazel, and aloe vera extract. You’ll feel relaxed with the great smell of essential oils from lemongrass, kaffir lime, and peppermint.

Price: THB 290/95 ml

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Yugen Inspire Sanitiser & Moisturising Gel and Spray

Yugen’s Inspire Sanitszer & Moisturising Gel and Spray is a great-value option to consider. Made with natural alcohol and organic aloe vera, it helps skin remain hydrated. Yugen’s signature scent, the blend of melon and passion fruit, is also an instant mood-booster. It’s available in a travel-sized gel and spray size, so it’s great for on-the-go.

Price: THB 250


Here’s a food-grade ethyl alcohol gel. Erb Evergreen Everclean Aroma Alcohol Gel highlights triple natural actions from lemongrass, peppermint, and eucalyptus to keep your hands clean and fresh. The natural ingredients make for a good remedy for a blocked nose, too.

Price: THB 79/30 ml and THB 390/300 ml 

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