A little touch of luxury, care of Softly Softly


We’re all living in a rather strange world at the moment and it’s affecting us in different ways.

I’ve listened intently to all of the experts that suggest to keep strong mental health to maitain some sort of routine, get up, shower, maybe if you fancy it add a little make-up and get yourself dressed for the day ahead.

Working from home this advice has certainly helped to keep my chin up, even on days when I’m feeling a little less than okay, which I know is also allowed…It’s okay to not be okay!

We all find solace and peace in different ways, and small gestures and moments make all the difference. A cup of coffee brought up to bed in the morning, a dog walk or a catch up on a bench with a friend, a surprise bunch of flowers from the kids, but most exciting of all is when an unexpected package comes through the door!

A couple of weeks ago I received a beautifully presented luxury Softly Softly Alpaca shawl. It arrived lovingly wrapped in luxurious tissue paper, in a shiny box and bag. As I unpacked this shawl I knew it was going to be a pretty stunning piece if the packaging was anything to go by.

Softly Softly are a British company specialising in shawls, scarves, socks and capes, for men, women and babies, made from Alpaca, know as the ‘fibre of the Gods’  and as the name suggests, because of the luxurious texture, Alpaca is not only soft but warm and incredibly tactile.

My shawl, generously gifted to me was a game-changer. Everything in my wardrobe is purchased to go with black, so when I opened the box and tissue paper it was a wonderful change to see a deep dark rich brown item.  As I opened the shawl I could see it was a most generous size and I couldn’t wait to try it on.

I have made this a major part of my wardrobe now and as we are spending so much more time outside it’s a valuable addition. I have even started buying pieces to go with it, a dark brown pair of ankle boots, a lovely felt Fedora, yes you guessed it, in chocolate brown!

I have worn the shawl on several occasions,  one of my favourite colour combinations is chocolate brown and pale powder blue, so I teamed my shawl with a pair of faded jeans and a light blue jumper, the shawl just finished the outfit off beautifully. Equally, I teamed it in the late Summer on a cooler evening with a cream linen dress. I use it nearly every day at the moment on my daily dog walks wrapped around my neck for warmth and cosiness. This accessory is in my humble opinion is a ‘must-have’ item, it adds that little touch of luxury and style to almost any outfit.

There is a huge variety of colours to choose from and there is a gift there for everyone, check out the website and place your orders asap, don’t miss out, Softly Softly make Christmas shopping easy!

Written by Debbie Stone for Luxuria Lifestyle London and International