Air travel less dangerous than eating out during COVID-19 says Harvard study


Boston: Planning to eat out at a restaurant or go out for grocery shopping. Then be careful. You have greater chance of contracting the coronavirus disease than someone who takes a flight. This is according to a report made by Harvard University researchers in the US. The coronavirus disease cannot spread much withing flights

Scientists at ‘Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health’ have published a study. It is titled as ‘Aviation Public Health Initiative’ this week. In the study they have stated that the rate of transmission of COVID-19 in passengers could drastically be reduced if they are encouraged to follow preventive measures. However, that is not possible when someone goes out eating or goes for grocery. In such places preventive measures are not followed very strictly.

Guidelines like frequent washing of hands with soap and wearing masks at all times are strictly implemented at airports for flight passengers. Also ensuring constant ventilation and airflow in the aircraft and airport and regularly cleaning and sanitising planes prevents the spread of the virus.

Education and awareness also play a significant role in controlling the spread of coronavirus, the study said. “Airlines and airports are campaigning to inform the public about actions they can take to reduce disease transmission on their journey. This includes public health safety information while booking, at check-in, boarding, and on the aircraft. Cabin crew receives training to identify and isolate potentially infected individuals should a case appear on board an aircraft,” the report said.

So next time you want to eat out sit back and restrain yourself. If you have to take a flight, well the reason for worrying is much less.

This study has come as global coronavirus disease cases have gone over the 45-million mark. So far 1,187,029 deaths due to Covid-19 have been reported worldwide. In India, the death toll stands at 1,21,090 while the infection tally soared to 8,088,851 Friday, according to the Health Ministry.