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Airlander 10: goodbye Private Plane, the Future of Luxury Travel is Green

It is called Airlander 10, for now it is only rendering but it is already having great success among those who can afford a private vehicle for short-haul flights.

The British company Hybrid Air Vehicles presented this new means of transport: a hybrid between airship and private plane.

excellence magazine airlander 10

Airlander 10 will be a reality by 2025, with an exclusive first production of only 12 units.

The numbers of Airlander 10

The future of short-haul travel measures an impressive 91 meters in length, almost twice that of a medium-sized commercial aircraft.

The new generation airship will be able to carry up to 100 passengers and will have a luxurious interior equipped with every comfort.

excellence magazine airlander 10

Airlander 10 wants to be a true eco-sustainable alternative to polluting airplanes, the designers of the Hybrid Air Vehicles have defined it as a “practical solution to the challenges of the climate crisis”. Its power supply, currently hybrid electric but by 2030 only electric energy is thought of, will allow a reduction of CO2 emissions by 90% compared to normal aircraft.

The power supply with clean energy does not diminish its performance: an impressive 800 km of range for the Airlander 10.

A practical example

To demonstrate the containment of emissions, the manufacturing company used British government data to provide a practical example of emissions savings.

For a trip from Liverpool to Belfast Ailander 10 would produce 4.75Kg of CO2 per passenger; a ferry would produce almost 5, while an airliner expects CO2 emissions per passenger of as much as 67.75 kg.

The routes

Traveling with this spectacular means of transport will be real experiences.

There are already some routes proposed by the parent company: from Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca in 4 and a half hours, from Liverpool to Belfast in just over 5 hours, from Oslo to Stockholm in about 6 and a half hours, from Seattle to Vancouver in little. more than four hours.

The most spectacular route? The one planned for the North Pole.

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