Ambience by Talata -Luxury scents that make you touch the sky


Aromatherapy and Fragrance may not be a new industry in Ghana, but when it comes to creating and blending bespoke scents and fragrances from scratch, Ambience by Talata redefines the industry in a strikingly amazing and luxurious new way. The Ambience brand was founded by Talata Provencal, an entrepreneur and creative genius whose passion to invent a variety of luxurious scents and fragrances to change the ambience in Accra and the world couldn’t have been more timely and refreshing after a melancholic lockdown experience due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The brand specializes in creating scented experiences and refreshing atmospheres in homes, cars, offices, spaces for events and more. With a wide variety of products to choose from, including scented candles, Reed and smart diffusers which can be put on autopilot at a convenient time to elevate one’s commute, to high-quality hand sanitizers and more, this luxury brand has just the right combination of products to keep clients poised and ready to face any day.

The Ambience experience by Talata is indeed a one of a kind experience, as the brand’s scent bar enables clients to indulge and combine their own signature scent to create a masterpiece that best suits their personality. With captivating scents like Be Fearless – Fresh Mint & Bamboo, Be Lifted – Grapefruit & Orange Blossom, Be Zen – Lemongrass & Tea, and more, this brand gives you an experience that makes you smell the sunshine and touch the sky.

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