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There are plenty of styles and designs on the market, but the material you choose is ultimately the most important factor. Two textiles that get compared quite frequently are cotton and flannel. While they may seem completely different in your eyes (we often associate flannel with winter and cotton with summer), the materials are actually quite similar, and we often field questions on which is warmer. Ahead, we settle the score once and for all with the help of a fabric and textile professional.

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Material Difference

When it comes down to it, flannel isn’t actually its own fabric type. “Flannel is a type of craftsmanship, whereas cotton is a type of fabric,” Travis Zhang, a fabric and textile expert and the senior R&D manager of Bedsure, explains. “A piece of flannel fabric can be made of cotton, wool, polyester, but not vice versa.” Most commonly, flannel is made with 100 per cent polyester microfibre filament yarn, which is quite different from conventional cotton fabric. “Cotton fabric is made from a plant, so it is a natural fibre,” he adds. “Polyester fibres are human-made, synthetic polymers, which are often made from plastic and are widely used in the textile industry. Polyester microfabric is made with very small and thin fibres, which gives the fabric a softer feel than most cotton, which has a crisper feeling.” While both materials are durable, polyester tends to be less airy than cotton.

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Warmth Factor

So, which material is warmer, exactly? Ultimately, it really depends on the make of the flannel. “Generally, when comparing between the polyester flannel and cotton sheets, yes, flannel sheets are warmer and cosier than cotton ones,” Zhang says, adding that they are also softer. The reason? Flannel is made with a soft, woven thread; the fibres are brushed, rendering the material soft against the skin. “The main reason flannel sheets are warmer is because of their fuzzy fibres that help to trap air, creating pockets of warm insulation for the body,” he adds. “So, those fuzzy fibres not only feel good, but they also keep people warm. Ultimately, the fuzzier the fabric, the greater the warmth.”

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