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Beauty test drive: Getting to the root of my oily hair problems at Leonica K Trichology

“People spend so much time on their face, with skincare, facials and cosmetic procedures. But they forget that a big sign of aging is their hair,” says Leonica Kei, trichologist and founder of Leonica K Trichology.

Guilty as charged. As a beauty editor for years now, I’d sooner slap on retinol and moisturisers than actively exfoliating my scalp.

The elegant Leonica Kei.

Like the face, the scalp deserves all the love – it is, after all, the root of all your hair problems. The equation is simple enough: To have good hair, one must first have a healthy scalp. But bad scalp health is often triggered by multiple conditions, with stress as a leading factor for hair loss due to the production of certain hormones that takes a toll on the body.

“Stress is known to be one of the key factors affecting hair growth,” says Leonica. “It can lead to loss of appetite and lack of sleep, [which] will lead to hormonal imbalances that may result in health issues. Some people experience an itchy or flaky scalp, some others experience heavy hair fall and some may experience both.” Fortunately, Leonica is an expert at treating hair fall.

I begin with a 15 minute consultation with Leonica herself, who asks about my hair condition, lifestyle and routine in order to customise my treatment. We then proceed with the session in which I’m lucky enough to be attended by her. While my tresses are thick, an oily scalp, even after a hair wash, always leaves my locks greasy. Leonica deduced that my shampoo was far too rich in emollients. She recommended a menthol-infused clarifying shampoo to cut through that grease, along with a scalp tonic. To treat the dry and damaged ends from a recent rebonding session, she advised the application of a hair mask at least thrice a week.

We start with the Ultimate Hair Mask to offer my hair the hydration it needed. The mask is formulated with shea butter, oils such as avocado and  coconut oil, along with hydrolysed elastin, protein and vitamin E to moisturise hair while repairing and strengthening the hair structure.

Next, water is sprayed on as a humectant to lock in moisture and my hair is steamed. This lifts hair cuticles to allow for the nutrients from the mask to penetrate deeply into my hair shaft. A hot towel is then applied to my neck, followed by an invigorating massage. My hair is then massaged again, before it goes through 15 minutes under an infrared machine to boost scalp circulation.

Finally, my hair is washed, dried, and the treatment ends with an application of the Energise Tonic, which I’m told to apply after every wash. The anti hair loss serum contains eucalyptus oil and Vitamin E to nourish and activate cells for hair regeneration. It also leaves the roots of my hair feeling squeaky clean and tingly – a relief for someone whose hair tends to feel greasy and weighed down. One week has passed since my treatment, and I’ve been avid user of the tonic, along with the eucalyptus-infused shampoo and conditioner. My hair has never looked and felt better.

To celebrate its new outlet at Hilton Hotel, for now until 31 May, Leonica will be conducting complimentary hair and scalp consultation sessions through virtual Zoom appointments. If you wish to get your scalp treated after the consultation, you can enjoy a 15 per cent discount off the first treatment. 

Leonica K Trichology, 581 Orchard Rd, #02-35 Hilton Shopping Gallery, Singapore 238883

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