The quest for taut facial contours and youthful skin is easily achieved with Noesa’s Collagen Promoter. Paired with the Daily Lifting serum, the products stimulate collagen production from deep within to lift and tighten.

One of the secrets to a youthful complexion is collagen, a protein that is naturally produced in the body and found in the bones, muscles, ligaments and skin. It acts as a scaffold that offers strength and structure.

Collagen is also what keeps your skin taut and firm. Unfortunately, the body’s production of the protein declines and cell structures weaken as you age, leading to the formation of wrinkles and fine lines, and saggy skin.

To counter this, many turn to oral collagen in the form of drinks or supplements. However, the molecules may be too large to be easily absorbed by the body. Post-digestion, they are re-composed, synthesised and distributed to the body’s various organs. Whether it ends up in the skin remains inconclusive. Natural collagen through food such as fish skin and beef tendon also have high fat content and cholesterol levels, which ultimately form an unsustainable diet.

Another option on the market is hydrolysed collagen, which is mainly derived from colloidal animal skin. It is added to skincare products, which require emulsifiers, preservatives, fragrance pigments and other chemical ingredients. However, it prevents the development of skin cells and causes the skin to be more susceptible to irritation. Cosmetic procedures in the form of collagen injections are also available, but these come with their own set of risks.

Instead of supplements and injectables, what Noesa offers is a more feasible solution of cellular skincare. The German luxury brand’s repertoire of complex, science-driven formulations includes its best-selling Collagen Promoter, which trains cells to continuously produce a large amount of collagen. It does this through a chemical-free formulation that is powered by the brand’s proprietary biophoton energy, harnessed from wild and precious plants in the Southern French Alps and delivered to skin through a patented carrier called danadem.

Danadem is a bio-compatible substance that has the same content and molecular structure as human skin. It allows the serum’s molecules to penetrate deeply and stimulate cells to produce new collagen, while rebuilding existing collagen fibres and restoring the elasticity of skin tissue. The benefits are numerous and include the visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, pore shrinkage and improvement in skin firmness.

To support the effects of the Collagen Promoter, the Daily Lifting serum is a firming product that tightens and lifts the collagen that has been nurtured overnight so the skin looks more plump and full. Together, the two are a match made in heaven, as they combine collagen with firming ingredients to boost skin elasticity and lift facial contours.


To use the Daily Lifting serum, apply three to five pumps in the morning, after cleansing and toning. Massage on to your face and neck until it is absorbed. Follow with your day moisturiser and sunscreen as usual.

For the Collagen Promoter, dispense three to five pumps at night after cleansing, repeating the same massage on your face and neck and following with a night-time moisturiser. Ensure that your face is fully coated in the formula, including the skin under your eyes.

To give your skin a pampering boost, you could also use this as a sleeping mask. Dispense five to six pumps and apply the Collagen Promoter with a facial massage. You may choose to reapply again just before bedtime to enable cells to maximise their regeneration and renewal process while you sleep.


I was a former dedicated consumer of collagen drinks, despite seeing no difference in my skin. As a skincare product, Noesa’s Collagen Promoter is the fi rst of its kind that I have tried. So far, no other product on the market has promised the ability to penetrate deep into the skin’s dermis to enable cells to produce more collagen.

This product review began after several weeks of a hectic schedule, erratic sleep and prolonged negative side effects from the Covid vaccine. I was not looking after my skin well – my face was sunken and my complexion appeared exhausted and sallow. To accelerate my skin’s recovery, I used both the Daily Lifting serum and Collagen Promoter religiously every day. I also put on the latter as a biweekly sleeping mask.

The effects took me by surprise. I was told that devoted fans of the Collagen Promoter swear by its texture, and from my first pump of the formula, I was immediately impressed by its luxuriously thick texture and how quickly and comfortably it was absorbed by my skin.

By the end of the second week, my skin looked visibly plump, full and perky – like I had consistently been getting ample sleep and rest. Where my eyes previously looked tired with the onset of crow’s feet, they now looked bright and lifted with the fine lines visibly less noticeable. My elderly mother has also tried both serums, and the two of us have seen the lifting and firming effects on her nasolabial folds and cheeks.

With such results, who even needs a collagen drink?

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