Luxury and sustainability: these are the two objectives declared by BMW Gruop in the presentation of I Vision Circular, the new compact sedan project that could arrive on the market in 2040.

The features of I Vision Circular BMW:

A four-seater with compact and elegant lines that want to give lucky drivers a design of great value, this is the first feature of the BMW concept.

A total footprint of four meters in length that encloses a spacious interior equipped with all comforts: a real “living room on four wheels”.

There is no lack of sustainability: the power supply will be completely electric and the whole car will be produced thanks to circular economy processes.

The ambitious goals that I Vision wants to achieve are none other than the concrete realization of the BMW project: to become the most sustainable car manufacturer in the world in the field of luxury cars for private use.

Five concepts for BMW sustainable luxury

The Vision Circular is in good company: in fact, there are five concepts presented by BMW at the IAA Mobility 2021 event, where it represented its vision of the mobility of the future.

Sustainable mobility and proper management of the principles of the circular economy have made BMW the true protagonist of what could prove to be one of the greatest “green turning points” for the world of luxury two- and four-wheeled mobility.

Secondary aluminum, secondary steel and, more generally, the use of recycled materials to create these splendid cars are the basis of the new dimension of production in circular economy desired by BMW.

It is called “secondary first” and is the name given to the project that will provide for the reuse of materials in a circular economy.

All these measures, combined with electric propulsion, will lead to a significant decrease in CO2 production, helping the environment without giving up the production of luxury cars.

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