Exploring the idea of contrasts, Braun Büffel embraces metamodernism in its latest collection by presenting a range of classics with a rebellion against proportions.

In an ever-evolving world, metamodernism is the name of the game. And fashion design is right at the front line — from producing the most bizarre inventions to playing with contrasts that create an infinity of patterns. The latter is the approach that Creative Director Fabio Panzeri chooses to take for the Fall/Winter 2021 season.

Fittingly named “Micro/Macro”, Braun Büffel’s latest collection sees an elegant blend of the classicism of Italian tradition with the passion for modernist design in German engineering and architecture. The spirit of “Micro/Macro” is further reflected in the texture and colours of the collection, with the distinctive personalities of each piece shining through to illustrate the idea of being predictably unpredictable.

A mix of spunk and sophistication

“Today is tomorrow’s vintage” — this is the thinking that’s seamed into the women’s collection, in step with Braun Büffel’s aim to manifest a shift of mood by putting the joy back into getting dressed.

Braun Büffel Visage Tote Black
Braun Büffel Visage Tote Cathay Spice
Braun Büffel Visage Crossbody Beige
Braun Büffel Visage Crossbody Peacoat
Braun Büffel Kendrix Shoulder Bag Black
Braun Büffel Athena Top Handle Bag Java
Braun Büffel Athena Clutch Peacoat

Accented with psychedelic colours, the Visage takes inspiration from the neu wave genre and dance-pop era of the fabulous 80s and is able to transform any run-of-the-mill outfit into a bold fashion statement. The Kendrix embodies the same rockstar attitude as its predecessor and continues to celebrate the art of craftsmanship in its fresh and innovative daily collection. Its utilitarian aesthetic allows for quick access to essentials, making it the perfect everyday piece.

The Athena, mirroring the divine of the Greek goddess, is inspired by the relationship between geometry and architecture to create perfect symmetry and harmony — as identified by its curved handle taking a continuous circular shape in front of the bag.

Braun Büffel Cate Crossbody Bag Black
Braun Büffel Cate Top Handle Bag Cathay Spice
Braun Büffel Thalia Top Handle Bag Multi White
Braun Büffel Ophelia Top Handle Bag Rose Dust
Braun Büffel Ophelia Top Handle Bag Classic Blue
Braun Büffel Urania Bucket Bag Black
Braun Büffel Urania Bucket Bag Cathay Spice
Braun Büffel Urania Tote Bag

Classic Braun Büffel pieces are also brought back this season as part of the ensemble, such as the ultra-versatile Cate, beloved for its structured design aesthetic paired with geometric pop-up details inspired by Art Deco references. The Thalia also takes on a dressier and more elegant persona with bold, asymmetrical colour blocking. The signature Ophelia gets a makeover with new reinterpretations of the Braun Büffel icon. A symbol of the brand’s devotion to craftsmanship, the Urania also makes a comeback as the epitome of effortless chic made for everyday carry.

Made for the energetic and the adventurous

The men’s collection is defined by its amalgamation of style, functionality, and comfort. The B.Squad, with its bold black tones and utilitarian aesthetic, is the ideal companion for young urban adventurers intensely living their daily lives. In a similar vein, the Node features a sport-like aesthetic — polished and practical, with a curved flap cover detailing secured over the main compartment with the patented magnetic feature.

Braun Büffel B.Squad Waist Pouch Black
Braun Büffel B.Squad Backpack Black
Braun Büffel Node Waist Pouch Navy
Braun Büffel Node Backpack Navy
Braun Büffel Otto Vest Bag Black
Braun Büffel Otto Tote Black
Braun Büffel Jumper Laptop Case Black
Braun Büffel Baye Backpack Black
Braun Büffel Baye Messenger Bag Navy
Braun Büffel Jumper Backpack Pumpkin Spice
Braun Büffel Jumper Messenger Bag Pumpkin Spice

Bringing into play the theme of movement and energy, the men’s collection also sports the ultra-versatile Otto with its active lifestyle aesthetic and the Baye, ingeniously designed with an asymmetric V-Cut top flap and finished in suave Ceramic Black, accented with a laser cut-out detail with neon yellow highlights. The neon details are also present in the Jumper, Braun Büffel’s favoured collection that poses itself as the ideal travel range or the everyday accessory for the modern-day man.

For the gents looking to explore ‘fashionable’ classics, the Quantum’s minimal structured silhouette offers a stylish alternative. Available in timeless black, each piece in the Quantum collection holds everyday essentials effortlessly, and comes with removable accessories on key pieces allowing customised styling.

Fashion takes a front seat in the Viktor, too, inspired by the 1933 German musical comedy film Viktor und Viktoria. Echoing the film’s central plot of a woman pretending to be a female, the Viktor is a unisex design that’s marked by skilful craftsmanship and attention to detail. The Hybrid, also designed exclusively for the trendy man-about-town, features a medium grain printed calf trimmed with Nappa leather.

Braun Büffel Iconic Clutch Black
Braun Büffel Iconic Backpack Navy Oak
Braun Büffel Quantum Tote Black
Braun Büffel Quantum Laptop Case Black
Braun Büffel Sling Pouch Sulphur
Braun Büffel Hybrid Wallet Sulphur

The Iconic is the centrepiece of the Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Crafted from printed calf leather with a geometric curved pop-up detail and accented with hardware in a gunmetal satin finish, the Iconic conveys a subtle, almost old-world aesthetic inspired by the rich heritage of the Bauhaus Movement on German architecture from the 1920s to 1930s.

The latest Fall/Winter 2021 collection is available in Braun Büffel stores across Malaysia.

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