Live the luxury island life with the latest additions to KING’s Outdoor Furniture collection.

The pandemic’s got all of us yearning for a change of scenery — and that’s why KING has designed a range of furniture pieces in its Outdoor range, allowing you to bring a piece of luxury vacation living right to your home. Here’s one way to bask in the sunny weather and breezy afternoons, all in the comfort of your own home.

Check out KING’s comprehensive Outdoor collection, ranging from sofas and ottomans to lounge chairs and more.

Oasis Outdoor Range

King Living Oasis Ottoman Table

KING’s Oasis Outdoor range is created to complement its current range of outdoor sofas. The Oasis Outdoor Table and Ottoman feature the Kingrope Luxe WeatherWeave, KING’s signature weaving that’s soft to the touch yet completely weatherproof — making it perfect to lounge in while soaking up the sun.

The Oasis Pedestals come in either of two weave patterns: the Waterfall, a variation of the signature Quay weaving style; and the Lattice. These weave patterns make up the base of the tables, which are available as multiple size tabletops in gorgeous ceramic finishes, or the soft inset top found on the Oasis ottomans. 

Luna Outdoor Dining Chair

King Living Luna Outdoor Chair

Through its commitment to producing Australian designs with the highest level of quality, KING has had a longstanding collaboration with Charles Wilson, one of Australia’s leading contemporary furniture designers. The Luna Outdoor dining chair is the latest addition to the Outdoor Furniture collection, which combines Wilson’s modern touch with KING’s dedication to quality craftsmanship.

The defining feature of the Luna Outdoor dining chair is its stylishly crafted airy bent steel mesh. It was precision welded to trace the delicate lines of chair base and legs — elegantly enveloping you when dining outdoors, so you’ll find yourself strangely desiring to have most of your meals out in the sun.

The Luna Outdoor dining chair frame also features a replaceable seat pad, available in King’s range of luxury outdoor fabrics — keeping the brand’s philosophy of comfort and being built to last.

Lode Ottoman

King Living Lode Ottoman

The Lode Ottoman is another stunning collaboration with designer Charles Wilson. Its lightweight build makes it easy to move around the space for convenience. Its unique design of organic curves — which could only be achieved with detailed and careful craftsmanship — is made possible by manufacturing the body entirely out of one moulded foam piece.

The ottoman also features replaceable covers, available in King’s range of luxury outdoor fabrics.

Quay Outdoor II

King Living Quay Outdoor II

The Quay Outdoor II sofas and chairs are made with comfort in mind, making them ideal for the casual outdoor setting among friends and family. With its soft lines and tub style design, the Quay Outdoor II is great for small spaces without having to compromise.

The Quay Outdoor II collection is designed with the Postureflex® seating system combined with the KingCell® springs and premium layers of foam, bringing an unsurpassed level of comfort to your outdoor space. The double powder coated steel frame is hand-woven with the new generation WeatherWeave, producing a beautiful rhythmic texture. The cushions are filled with Ultra down with waterproof covers and enhanced with incorporated air-mesh panels.

Jasper Outdoor II

King Living Jasper O II Sun Lounge
King Living Jasper O II Sun Lounge
King Living Jasper O II Sun Lounge

Inspired by the award-winning Jasper sofa, the Jasper Outdoor II exemplifies KING’s commitment to producing sophisticated luxury while still maintaining comfort and style. The latest addition to the Jasper Outdoor II package is the DayBed and Reclining Sun Lounge, giving you a feel of island living luxury in the comfort of your home.

The DayBed provides a great lounging experience with the signature Jasper Outdoor back cushion, whereas the Reclining Sun Lounge comes with an articulating backrest that can be angled to five different positions for complete flexibility. Both designs also feature special holes on either side of the platform, allowing for a smart plug-in table.

The complete range of KING’s Outdoor Furniture is available for browsing at the KING Outdoor Furniture Lookbook.

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