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Bugatti and the luxury smartwatch… sustainable

It will not be a four-wheel custom-built car but with two hands: Bugatti, the historic Volkswagen brand dedicated to luxury racing cars, has entered the world of accessories for the first time.

Bugatti smartwatch: luxury and sustainability

Ceramique Edition One is the name of the collection consisting of three editions of the first smartwatch produced by Bugatti.


The luxury brand launched the accessory on Kickstarter.

Bugatti has created these smartwatches thanks to the collaboration with the VIITA company, which specializes in the production of this kind of accessories.

The sustainability and well-being of those who choose these wrist technology jewels are treated in detail.

First of all the material: as the name implies, no plastic, only ceramic for all three versions.

Sustainability also in packaging: Bugatti smartwatches will be delivered exclusively in sustainable wooden boxes and black vegan leather.

Luxury and a healthy lifestyle: Bugatti has chosen to combine elegance with the most advanced technology. Ceramique Edition One in fact boasts top functionality in monitoring the health of the wearer.

Bugatti has become, thanks to its legendary cars, an icon of style and exclusivity. Values ​​maintained even with these accessories, made in a limited edition of 600 pieces.

Bugatti and the three editions of Ceramique

The smartwatches produced in collaboration with VIITA are available in three versions: Ceramique Edition One Le Noire (completely black), Ceramique Edition One Divo and Ceramique Edition One Pur Sport (both in black with contrasting blue details).


From the point of view of technological performance, the three versions are identical. What changes is the design, always refined and elegant, which gives a different character to each version.

Those who choose Bugatti smartwatches can have fun changing style. Each model will be equipped with two different straps that are easily interchangeable independently.

It is written Bugatti, it reads exclusive: the price for this particular accessory from the car manufacturer is defined in two ranges.

The first price range is set at 899 euros while the second at 999 euros.

Reservations will only be possible on the Kickstarter platform and deliveries are scheduled for next October.

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