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Rose Hermès: The maison’s new beauty chapter is a celebration of pink in all of its shades

Tradition and innovation laced with characteristic savoir faire – these are the three pillars of the maison that Hermès reimagines through its 16th metier. Now, Hermès Beauty expands its universe with its latest chapter that follows the sublime Rouge Hermès lipsticks. Available from April 15 at Hermès Liat Towers, Marina Bay Sands, Takashimaya and hermes.com, the Rose Hermès is a collection emblematic of one of the Maison’s signature colours. It takes inspiration from past narratives – displayed through exhibits in the private Emile Hermès Museum in Paris – that trace the colour’s significance...

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Beauty test drive: Advanced Sugar Hair Lamination at Chez Vous

60 minutes and nine steps – that’s all it takes for major hair repair with Chez Vous’ new Advanced Lamination. Sugar may seem like an innocuous ingredient, but the everyday staple reaps numerous beauty benefits, and has been used in age-old rituals including in body scrubs and hair removal. At Chez Vous, sugar is used for hair lamination, a process that involves coating your hair with nutrients, and sealing them into your hair cuticles using heat. Where it differs from a keratin treatment is that you’re able to perm and rebond your hair three weeks after the treatment; it can also be done immediately...

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Will this Brooklyn studio’s one-year tattoos change how we view ink-based body art?

Semi-permanent tattoos, which last for a few years before disappearing, are increasingly on the agenda. Now, a studio in Brooklyn is taking the concept one step further by offering tattoos that last between nine and 15 months. It’s the perfect compromise for anyone who thinks they might one day regret a hasty decision. Everyone knows a story of a tattoo that turned sour. Maybe you drank a bit too much and decided — under pressure from your friends, because it’s always someone else’s fault — to get a tattoo of that Kama Sutra position, which seemed so deep and meaningful at the time. Or — another...

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Gucci Beauty debuts lip pencils and eyeliners

Gucci Beauty has just expanded its eccentric make-up collection with its first set of lip pencils and eye liners. The psychedelic campaign that introduces the new products, shot by Mark Peckmezian with art direction by Christopher Simmonds, is a continuation of the visual journey established by the brand. The nostalgic shots celebrate 80s aesthetic and take us back to a breakfast in bed scene. Developed under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, the new Crayon Contour des Lèvres And Stylo Contour des Yeux come in six shades respectively. For the the lips, the line features...

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All-time cult perfumes you should have in your scent collection

A perfume can accentuate your look as much as any other accessory. Perhaps that’s why Coco Chanel said that “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.” And there are certain scents from various brands that have become a favourite of many over the years. From floral and woody to fruity, here’s a look at perfumes that can qualify as classic and have their own fanbase. This story first appeared in Lifestyle Asia India. If perfumes are your thing, there’s no way you would have gone without hearing about Chanel No.5. The famous fragrance...

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H24: Hermès’ first men’s fragrance in 15 years is an icon in the making

A lot of fragrance ads promise, in one way or another, to make you smell like a higher (read: more attractive) version of yourself. Hermès’ latest scent does not. The H24 eschews masculine stereotypes and offers, instead, an unexpected olfactory experience that takes your nose through the maison’s fluid, timeless men’s universe. “I had to open up other, less predictable paths, to move away from the conventional woodiness of men’s scents,” says perfumer Christine Nagel, who was inspired by the work of menswear artistic director Véronique Nichanian. “When I attend one of Véronique’s runway shows,...

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Cult French pharmacy skincare products you can now buy in Singapore

One only needs to turn to names like Jeanne Damas, Camille Rowe, and Inès de la Fressange to realise how effortlessly beautiful French women are. These ladies have spent their lives perfecting the art of flawless, foundation-free beauty, and while it’s easy to resign it to the water they drink or genetics, we’d like to gently point out the fact that they also have the most sophisticated pharmacies in the world. (Image: Jeanne Damas) These establishments — run by white-coated pharmacists who probably know more about your face than you do — have become quite simply known as the mecca for quality...

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Dior Forever expands its foundation collection with a primer, cushion powder and a setting spray

We demand a lot from our foundations. Complexion perfectors these days have to even out our skin tone, minimise or cover the appearance of our flaws, look and feel like real skin, stay on all day or night, come in a wide range of shades, and offer some skincare benefits. Dior Forever meets all the marks — and more — with its latest collection. Three new products complete the base makeup routine. The Dior Forever Skin Veil SPF20, the maison’s first primer, is infused with wild pansy extract and illuminating oils to give skin hydrating boost and a glowy finish from morning to night. Its silky,...

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Beauty test drive: Reviewing the Emsculpt treatment at Privé Clinic

While a strict diet and exercise regimen will maintain a svelte figure or help to trim the festive weight gain, they most certainly do not promise defined arms or chiselled abs. “Genetics, lifestyle, hormones and fat percentage all play a part, which is why it is generally more difficult for women to achieve abs as they naturally have a higher body fat percentage,” says Dr Karen Soh, Medical Director of Privé Clinic. Fortunately, medical science has delivered a glimmer of hope – in a treatment called Emsculpt. One of the most popular new body-sculpting solutions to hit the medi-aesthetics...

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