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Luxury In Times Of Crisis: How Should Brands React To COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is transforming how we live and work in ways we could hardly have imagined at the beginning of 2020.  As a new reality settles in, for many of us that also means having to adapt to a new lifestyle.  The current health crisis is serious and saddening. Families and businesses across the world are dramatically impacted. In parallel, the underlying economic crisis that is already underway, will take months to resolve too. Many people lost their job (and therefore spending power) across Europe and the United States in the last few weeks. Businesses, big and small, are at...

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How to Take Your Brick and Mortar Retail Online

It’s more important than ever to take advantage of the Internet to grow your retail store online. With the flexibility and universality of e-commerce and online storefronts, even if your brick and mortar doors are closed, you can continue to serve your customers and build a more resilient business. But it’s more than that: launching an online storefront opens the door for the digital expansion of your brand. It shows that you have your customer’s experiences and needs first in mind, as you’re able to meet your customers where they are. 22% Of global retail sales will take place online by 2023 If...

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How To Start A Direct To Consumer Brand: Roadmap To Launch Your Digital Business

You are ready to take the leap and disrupt the status quo? You want to start your own direct-to-consumer brand and launch an ecommerce store? The good news is: it has never been easier to start an online business than it is today. But the path to success is filled with obstacles and challenges. It’s for entrepreneurs like you that we’ve written this roadmap to start and grow a digital-native direct-to-consumer brand (a.k.a. DTC or D2C). In this article, you’ll discover why it’s the best time to launch a direct-to-consumer brand and how the most successful DTC brands started. We also include...

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How To Make Money Online: Practical Ways To Earn From Home

There has never been a better time to start an online business and make money from home or anywhere with an internet connection. Digital technology is increasingly accessible and affordable. This means you don’t have to be a tech-whizz to set up a successful online business. In fact, you’ll see in this guide how to make money online with practical ideas and inspirations that you could start right away. Earning money online is relatively straightforward, if you have the right approach. The best ideas can also be very lucrative, when done right. One reason for online businesses’s high profit...

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How To Take Your Restaurant Online: A Recipe For Online Delivery Success

Today’s diners expect to be able to eat restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of their home. To keep up with consumer demands, restaurants need to offer a delivery service. But this isn’t always a simple process—hence the growing need for a guide to opening restaurants online.  Customers crave ease, efficiency, and an enjoyable dining experience—all with a simple swipe and click on a screen. And it’s not just casual eateries capitalising on online delivery. Fine dining restaurants are getting in on the game too. Today, more than ever, it’s important to take advantage of digital technology...

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Luxury And The Stay-At-Home Economy: A New Paradigm

Our daily lives changed in ways that would have been unthinkable at the beginning of 2020. If we can’t know with absolute certainty what will happen in the pandemic aftermath, we can, however, take the opportunity in this forced parenthesis to pause and ponder on the changing definition of luxury consumption, and the underlying motivations and values that drive affluent consumers. The unprecedented times we’re living in today are radically transforming how brands and consumers interact. We looked previously at the state of luxury in times of crisis. We’ll now take a closer look at the consumer...

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Luxury Beauty Online Retail: A Proven Digital Growth Strategy

The beauty industry knows disruption. New digital direct-to-consumer brands and other beauty indie brands have been disrupting the beauty landscape over the past few years, entering the market with authentic storytelling, well curated hero ingredients and unique offerings.  This rise of beauty challenger brands is pushing legacy beauty brands to go through an internal digital transformation and continuously innovate to stay relevant and meet the changing demands of their increasingly conscious, affluent consumers. The current crisis made resilience and agility a priority for all. The COVID-19...

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How To Start An Online Business: 4 Steps To Succeed

You have an innovative idea for a product or service that could solve a real customer problem or pain point? Or you want to expand your existing business by offering online orders and deliveries? It has never been easier to start an online business than it is today. Tools are more accessible than ever. Softwares are convenient and easy to use. And best of all, you can set up your online business from the comfort of your home. 22% Of global retail sales will take place online by 2023 This guide will show you exactly how to start your online business today. You’ll learn what the most successful...

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The Future of Luxury: 6 Trends To Stay Ahead in 2021

Every year brings a long list of predictions and trends popping up in news feeds and inboxes around the world.  But this time, perhaps more than any other year, we are all staring at the future, hoping to gain some insights into what our new normal will look like. The coronavirus pandemic transformed how we live and work in ways we hardly imagined at the beginning of 2020. The global crisis has forced millions of people to develop new ways of working, learning, shopping and well, living (more frugally).  It may seem counterintuitive to be thinking about the future of luxury and discretionary...

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