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4 top-of-the-line luxury penthouses around the world

Owing a Penthouse is a must for many real-estate aficionados. These trophy properties represent the best of everything, from world-class design and coveted amenities to far-reaching views that give guests and residents the feeling they’re living on top of the world. The penthouse lifestyle has an exclusivity all its own, but some of the world’s most impressive spaces also include luxuries that make them even more unique. That’s in addition to the finest finishes, top-of-the-line appliances and integrated technology throughout the home. Whether it’s an irreplaceable piece of architectural history...

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Buy your own village: Estates, towns and hamlets for sale in Europe and the US

Feel as if your vast apartment or even more spacious mansion is cramping your style? Then, suggests Gary Jones, why not upsize to something even more expansive? Declining populations in some of southern Europe’s most appealing destinations mean it’s now relatively routine to read of sun-bleached stone cottages in idyllic Italian hilltop communes and rustic, fixer-upper farmhouses in medieval Spanish mountain towns coming on to market for significantly less than the price of a few square feet of Singapore real estate – and occasionally for small change that wouldn’t even buy an espresso. In...

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David King tells us why King furniture is made to last for generations

Since 1977, King (formerly known as King Living) has been a leader in Australian furniture design. With over 40 years of experience, the globally renowned furniture maker celebrates its rich history and heritage at the brand’s bedrock. Through beautiful, minimal designs that keep sustainability and flexibility at the heart of all creations, King looks to the future with clear vision and conviction. “From the beginning, we weren’t content to just make ordinary furniture. We wanted to make better furniture. Furniture that would last. Knowing that your furniture will last the test of time, we...

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The most iconic Art Deco buildings around the world

Art Deco, or Arts Décoratifs, is an architectural style known to illustrate luxury, old school glamour, and sophistication, with vibrant hues and bold geometric patterns. France developed this modern style of architecture while recovering from the aftermath of World War I. Years of austerity during the war gave way to a period of extravagance after it ended, giving birth to this opulent style. Eastern Columbia Building, US. This 13-storey building, nicknamed the “Jewel of Downtown,” was designed by architect Claud Beelman in 1930. Standing at a height of 264ft, this building with...

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Eden at Draycott Park: British designer Thomas Heatherwick on his vision of biophilia

Rising high above Draycott Park is new ultra-luxury condominium Eden, the brainchild of internationally renowned designer Thomas Heatherwick, who speaks to Yanni Tan about how the development is his vision of biophilia and the humanity the urban environment needs now. Driving into the basement carpark of Eden on an afternoon is like entering a cave – quite unlike the typical Singaporean experience of using the functional and unremarkable grey carparks ubiquitous in our urban jungle. Surprisingly, the air is not stuffy and the brown walls are clad with an undulating texture revealed by slivers...

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The top 10 most Googled homes in the world

The world has long been fascinated by the luxurious lives of the rich and famous. And now, their homes even more so as we spend significant time indoors, seeking inspiration to redecorate our personal spaces in some cases or plain old curiosity in others. Wondering what the world’s most Googled homes are? A report by Rated People analysed Google’s global search data for 2020 to find out which celebrity homes were topping the engine’s ranks. The top 10, appearing in over 1.2 million searches, belong to an interesting group of owners from sports stars and internet influencers to actors, musicians,...

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