Lambay Spray by Lambay Irish Whiskey

Think of a private island and you might picture a spot in the Caribbean or Indian Ocean. This is not the case with Lambay Private Island. Often called just Lambay, it lies in the Irish Sea off the coast of north County Dublin in Ireland. While it is small in size, the island holds a plethora of wildlife, history and withholds an air of mystery thanks to limited admissions of pre-approved guests, and even then, visits are at the mercy of the weather and the tides. On the island, there are 23 bedrooms across an island hamlet designed by celebrated English architect Ned Lutyens, a 16th-century...

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Gorgeous Grenadines: Laid Back Living at The Liming

With a name that translates into ‘island in the clouds’ in ancient Arawak, the seven-square-mile Caribbean island of Bequia has to be one of the most serene beachside destinations in the whole of the Caribbean to purchase a property.  The second-largest island in the Grenadines, Bequia — pronounced bek-way— has managed to stay hidden in plain sight from even some of the most seasoned of global travelers, allowing it to maintain its unique charm and avoid the throngs of tourists and colossal megayachts that stream into its better know neighbors during the high season. A rare feat in today’s interconnected...

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Explorer Yachts with Their Own Land-roving Vehicles

While many expedition yachts are sailing the world’s oceans, not all are created equal. As two leading vessels prove, the freedom of exploration requires a tender garage equipped with amphibious, off-road vehicles. Whether you’re buying a superyacht or searching for the ideal vessel for a charter vacation, it’s expected — and understandable — that much of your attention will be focused on the water. If you’re seeking a sanctuary for rest and relaxation, your focus need not go any further than that. If, however, you harbor an adventurous spirit and wish to journey down the off-beaten path, an...

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Tamburrini & Wishart Opens at Cameron House

The names Tamburrini and Wishart are big news in the Scottish culinary scene. Throw in another — this time from the hotel world — as notable as Cameron House and you have one of the most anticipated restaurants of the year.  The two acclaimed chefs have officially unveiled their new fine dining offering, simply named Tamburrini & Wishart, at the famed Loch Lomond. The restaurant’s launch follows Cameron House’s grand reopening on Monday. The hotel has undergone a £30m ($41m) delayed restoration after a deadly fire devastated its 300-year-old heart, known as the Auld House, in December 2017.  Last...

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Iconic Private Island Resorts That Give Back to the World

Ah, privacy. There’s nothing quite like it. Carve out your very own delicious slice of paradise by visiting one of these private island resorts, or round up your nearest and dearest and go all out — book the whole island. With every possible need taken care of, courtesy of an army of dedicated staff (butlers, chefs, masseurs, etc…), the only thing you’ll have to do is decide between going on a fun adventure or spending your days unwinding in your own little bubble of bliss. andBeyond Mnemba Island, Zanzibar Situated just off the northeastern tip of Zanzibar, Mnemba Island is a small, fin-shaped...

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Cook up a Storm in Sicily with Christian Puglisi

Credited with helping to transform Copenhagen into the foodie capital it is today, renowned chef Christian Puglisi is returning to the exquisite villa Rocca delle Tre Contrade in Sicily this Autumn to host a week-long immersive cooking course for gastronomes and amateur cooks alike.  For the Sicilian-born chef, the opportunity to cook professionally in the land of culinary heritage is something he holds dear. Having left Italy for Denmark as a child in 1990, Puglisi’s glittering career was carved out very much on Danish soil. The 39-year-old chef worked in the kitchen of Copenhagen’s celebrated...

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British Jewelers Launch Jewellers for Afghanistan Auction

A collection of independent British jewelers have joined forces to raise funds for Afghan women via an online jewelry auction. Jewellers for Afghanistan will see pieces from 25 esteemed jewelers up for grabs, with all proceeds from the auction donated to Women for Afghan Women (WAW). As the largest women’s organization in Afghanistan, WAW is dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of disenfranchised Afghan women and girls, by providing education and support services, as well as supporting Afghan women seeking refuge in the United States. Naturally, events in the past several months...

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Celebrating Autumn Moon Festival with Rémy Martin XO

For nearly three centuries Rémy Martin has been at the center of celebration which makes it an excellent spirit of choice for any joyful occasion this time of year, especially the Autumn Moon Festival. Both the festival and Cognac house have a shared history rooted in the fall harvest. Historically, the festival paid tribute to the healthy harvest that grew by the end of autumn. Today, the festival marks a time for family reunions, expressing gratitude and giving thanks. In Cognac, France at Rémy Martin, the fall season marks the beginning of the harvest and a period of change. At the end of...

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Cirrus Aircraft Adds Service and WiFi to Vision Jet G2+

There are basically three things you need to know about the third edition of Cirrus Aircraft’s popular very light jet. Unveiled this summer, the Cirrus Vision Jet G2+ can take off from more airports; it can do so with a higher takeoff weight; and, while its panoramic windows will entice you away from your digital devices, you can now stay connected with Gogo Business Aviation internet. An update of its Williams FJ33-5A engines means shorter runways for takeoff. That adds convenient airports in Santa Monica, California and Wings Field outside Philadelphia. It also means there are no longer seasonal...

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