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Ferrari F8 Spider review: A heady concoction of gorgeous styling and out-of-this-world performance

The Ferrari F8 Spider is the convertible variant of the F8 Tributo, which succeeded the 488. With what might be the sexiest body Ferrari has ever created, the F8 Spider draws inspiration from another prancing horse that ruled the asphalt from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s – the iconic 308 GTS. Look at the roofline and the shape of its chiselled flanks and you will see what I mean. Speaking of roof, the retractable hardtop twirls through 180 degrees as it folds in half and tucks into its curvaceous body. The entire procedure takes just 14 seconds and can be done at speeds of up to 45km/h. A...

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Testdriving the McLaren GT, a bold attempt to re-write the Gran Turismo Rulebook

There’s a purity about the cockpit of a McLaren that reduces the concept of “driver focused” almost to the bare essentials. You sit low to the ground, wielding a small steering wheel of handlebar simplicity, one that’s devoid of buttons and switches. You briefly glance through the wheel at a compact instrument display and then return the attention to where it should be, the road ahead, which rushes relentlessly towards you through a vast expanse of glass. Three simple buttons control the transmission’s basic functions, an arrangement so straightforward, intuitive and uncluttered that even a...

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Adrian Ong and Michelle Eng test-drive the BMW 530i M Sport and BMW 430i Coupe M Sport Pro

A couple of the latest BMW models and a couple who loves driving – the ideal combination for a zippy double date. Tony Tan cruises through town with petrolheads Adrian Ong and Michelle Eng in two sporty sprint machines. How do you spot a good driver on the road? It is the way the car effortlessly accelerates and smoothly slows down while overtaking vehicle after vehicle – and swiftly, but surely, disappears from your view. This is what I experienced when I accompanied Adrian Ong and his wife Michelle Eng on their double (car) date as they spent an afternoon cruising through Singapore in two...

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McLaren to Lamborghini, these are the fastest, most extravagant police cars in the world

The relationship between lawmen and their hyper-tuned vehicular fleet has always been an action-packed affair. Apart from their expertly skilled and dedicated squads, police departments from across the globe also take pride in their street speedsters, which are sometimes known to become things of great extravagance. While adrenaline-fuelled road chases have always been a staple in action movies, in real life police cars have got some serious updates in order to keep up with the requirements of their jobs. Here are the five fastest police cars used around the world.  Bugatti Veyron – Dubai and...

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This new limited edition Land Rover Defender revives a spirit of adventure

When you have a car as iconic as the Defender, saying goodbye can be a hard thing to do. Land Rover seems to be having a particularly hard time with this, and we know because it’s launching yet another limited edition of its now-defunct off-roader, five years after production officially ceased. What’s extra special is that this isn’t a souped-up, chrome-trimmed version with fancy interiors. Quite the contrary, the British marque has dug quite deep into its roots to create the rugged Defender Works V8 Trophy, a limited run of 25 classic Defenders inspired by the Camel Trophy. If you’ve been...

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Need for speed: These are the most iconic cars in films

Filmgoers have long been captivated by thrilling car chases and spectacular stunts on screen, some of which often become scene stealers. With franchises like Fast & Furious and Transformers going on to make millions at the box office, it’s safe to say Hollywood has produced its fair share of memorable cars over the years. Let’s look back at some of the most iconic cars in film — which are held in high regard by cinema- and auto-lovers alike. Most iconic cars in famous Hollywood movies Aston Martin DB5 in James Bond films Sean Connery during the filming of Goldfinger. (Image: David Dekkers/Facebook) We...

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Jaguar car brand to go fully electric from 2025

Jaguar, the Indian-owned luxury car brand, will produce only electric vehicles from 2025 and restructure its UK non-manufacturing operations, the company announced. “By the middle of the decade, Jaguar will have undergone a renaissance to emerge as a pure electric luxury brand,” said a statement from Jaguar Land Rover, which intends to become a net zero carbon company by 2039. JLR said it “will substantially reduce and rationalise its non-manufacturing infrastructure in the UK”. It did not say whether this meant job cuts were on the horizon. JLR will meanwhile invest £2.5 billion ($3.5 billion,...

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