Truffle Frisella

  Simplicity and incredible taste! Today we suggest the perfect italian frisella: fresh, creamy and delicious. Adds to a fresh stracciatella:   – intensity with our Minced Black Summer Truffle  – sweetness with Millefiori Honey & Prized Black Truffle – flavor with a sprinkling of Black Cyprus salt    – freshness with datterini and cucumber   Continue Reading

Rich Salad with Truffle

A complete, fresh and easy to prepare dish! To make this wonderful salad we need the following ingredients: pig cheek, fresh rosemary, greek feta, radishes, sweet cucumbers, belgium salad, toasted bread in cubes and toasted mixed seeds. To these main ingredients we are going to add different truffle dressings: – Continue Reading

Colorful Tuna Tartare

A colorful, delicious, unexpected and easy to prepare tuna tartare: don’t miss out!   Use fresh bluefin tuna, blast chilled we recommend, if you don’t buy it already chilled, just keep it in the freezer for at least 48 hours to avoid the Anisakis risk. The cut of the tuna Continue Reading