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Will.i.am’s Xupermask comes with Bluetooth headphones — because, why not?

Xupermask, a futuristic new mask designed by will.i.am, combines an intelligent mask with integrated bluetooth headphones allows the wearer to make calls and listen to music. Its price: 299 US dollars. This mask will at the very least bestow you with a touch of class. Straight out of a science fiction movie, the ultra-connected accessory was designed by will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas and Honeywell. The company believes that even after the pandemic, there will be a future for masks. Xupermask is composed of HEPA filters that ensure that the air inhaled is as clean as possible. It also comes...

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Rise of the ‘robo-plants’, as scientists fuse nature with tech

Remote-controlled Venus flytrap “robo-plants” and crops that tell farmers when they are hit by disease could become reality after scientists developed a high-tech system for communicating with vegetation. Researchers in Singapore linked up plants to electrodes capable of monitoring the weak electrical pulses naturally emitted by the greenery. The scientists used the technology to trigger a Venus flytrap to snap its jaws shut at the push of a button on a smartphone app. They then attached one of its jaws to a robotic arm and got the contraption to pick up a piece of wire half a millimetre thick,...

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What can you buy with Bitcoin? Here’s a world map

Elon Musk recently announced that it will soon be possible to buy a Tesla with Bitcoin in the US — news that could definitively bring the cryptocurrency into the mainstream. Major retailers are few and far between to accept this payment method, but there are still some ways to spend your hard-earned crypto assets. With the price of Bitcoin currently riding high over $50,000, you’ll need a bit less than one Bitcoin to buy a standard Tesla Model 3, or a bit more to buy the Performance model. Anyone flush in the cryptocurrency could shell out up to three Bitcoin on a Tesla Model S Plaid Plus. In...

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The first tweet ever sent out fetches $2.9 million at auction

“just setting up my twttr” — @jack The first message ever fired off at Twitter sold on Monday for US$2.9 million (SGD 3.9 million) when its sender Jack Dorsey accepted the winning bid for the collectible as a “non fungible token” or NFT at an auction. “Jack accepted the offer from sinaEstavi for $2,915,835.47,” read a tweet from the Valuables by Cent auction platform. “This tweet is now minted on the blockchain.” The profile on the auction-winning account indicated it belonged to Sina Estavi, chief executive of blockchain technology-related startup Bridge Oracle. A copy of Dorsey’s inaugural...

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Our footsteps become sources of energy with Pavegen: protecting the planet one step at a time

Could a simple activity like walking actually help us transition to green energy sources? Energy Observer Solutions met Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO of Pavegen, who launched kinetic energy-generating tiles in London, an innovation to follow step by step. What if our footsteps on the city’s pavements could produce energy? That’s just what Pavegen is proposing in London, by manufacturing walkways, which produce electricity from the pressure of our footsteps. Pavegen, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind In the UK, a London-based start-up has found a fantastic solution for transforming...

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White noise machines to help you get a better night’s sleep

You’re most probably reading this because you can’t fall asleep, and you’ve tried everything from essential oils and meditation to weighted blankets. Your next best bet? White noise machines. Studies have suggested that these devices can help reduce sleep onset (that’s the time you take to fall asleep) by nearly 40 percent compared to those that don’t use these devices, which is a pretty big deal for the insomniac. To help you along, we’ve rounded up some of the best white noise machines that lull you to sleep in no time at all. Read on for the full list. (Main and featured image: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash...

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How to buy Bitcoin when you’re a total novice

Bitcoin has been breaking all kinds of records in 2021, so it’s no surprise that more and more people are taking interest in the cryptocurrency. Today, there’s no need to be a computer geek or a trader to buy Bitcoin, which is now accessible to everyone… so long as you follow a few basic rules. Public interest in cryptocurrencies may be growing, but people don’t always know how to go about actually buying them. The most simple means of getting started is to sign up to a cryptocurrency exchange platform. These online marketplaces are, for the most part, relatively easy to use. Some of the best-known...

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Google Wolverine: The tech giant’s rumoured earbuds are said to give you superhuman hearing

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is reportedly working on wireless earbuds that can distinguish a voice or sound in an ambient hubbub, according to the publication Business Insider. It has even drawn inspiration from the superhero Wolverine as the code name for this new project. Engineers at Alphabet’s X Lab subsidiary (formerly Google X Lab), have been working on a revolutionary wireless headphone system that would allow users to hear more distinctly than any human being, like a superhero, like a … Wolverine. By enhancing the hearing acuity of its users tenfold, the in-ear device would...

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‘Grange 21’: The French nuns bringing a 12th century start-up into the 21st century

“A 12th century start-up in 21st century style.” That’s how the nuns of Abbaye Sainte-Marie de Boulaur, in southwestern France, describe their “Grange 21” project. Around 30 nuns are currently working on building this sustainable and ecological microfarm around the abbey, located west of Toulouse. Their initiative is proving a hit on social media, as is their online fundraising, which launched last January. The “Grange 21” project has smashed its €800,000 target on the Credofunding crowdfunding site. Behind this mysterious name lies a community of nuns who, since 1949, have been responsible...

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