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How Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s style influenced couples today

There’s no couple like Kimye. There’s a high chance that the hoodies, the oversized sweatshirts, the tracksuits, the bodycon dresses and, of course, the sneakers in your closet are there because of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. No other celebrity couple has commanded as much attention for their style as the Wests, nor left such a lasting influence on what we wear today. (If you’re shaking your head, do revisit this monologue on The Devil Wears Prada.) Of course, “the Wests” are no longer: Kim has filed for a divorce from her rapper husband after seven years of marriage and seven years of...

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Dining guide to Geylang: Where to go for great street food in the neighbourhood

If you’re looking for some OG street food, you’ll never go wrong with Geylang. The area gets a bad rap for the unadventurous. After all, as Singapore’s most prominent red-light district, it’s easy to make a wrong turn into a sleazy alleyway. Yet, those familiar with the area will be able to meander their way through the best dining gems in the neighbourhood. Apart from classic Cantonese zi char plates, the locale also sees some interesting dishes including the divisive Frog Porridge. Read on for all our favourites. Sik Bao Sin (Image: @today_i_had via Instagram) Sik Bao Sin, or Eat First in...

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Where to find the best meatballs in Bangkok

There’s nothing new about meatballs but just the thought of them is already comforting and consoling. The sauce-cloaked balls of meat are one of a few messy foods in the world that are surprisingly appetising to the taste buds. Although making your own meatballs is easy, it’s also way easier to dine in one of Bangkok’s restaurants. Here are some that serve the finest meatballs in the city. [Featured image credit: Pizzeria Mazzie; hero image credit: The Creative Exchange/Unsplash Image credit: Pizzeria Mazzie Pizzeria Mazzie Looking for a change of scene from your regular Italian pizza haunt?...

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Time for your wardrobe to spark joy with these sorbet pastel shades

Who wouldn’t want a taste of summer with these sorbet shades to wear out and about? Yes, you read that right. Sorbet pastels are trending this season, even though we mentioned the comeback of electrifying neons – it’s not wrong to fall in love with both shades at the same time to experiment with. If you’re not entirely comfortable flaunting the neons just yet, why not test the waters with these delicious shades? It’s fail-proof, easy to pair and definitely a stand out moment to style with your neutrals. The soothing colours in buttercup yellow, cool blue, lilacs, peony pink, and more are...

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The Pivot: How Chef Tyler Akin Is Shifting Gears During the Pandemic

In February, Philadelphia-based chef and restaurateur Tyler Akin had three successful establishments under his belt—two locations of his pho bar, Stock, and Res Ipsa, a daytime café that transforms into a destination for pastas at night—and a fourth on the way, the reimagining of the historic Green Room at the tony Hotel DuPont in Akin’s hometown of Wilmington, DE. “It was relatively smooth sailing, with systems and staff that really cares in place to afford me the opportunity to explore other projects [like] the DuPont,” says Akin. “This was by far my biggest project to date—I’ve been working...

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Protecting our planet, one step at a time: The Noor Project in Morocco

The Noor project, near Ouarzazate, has become the largest solar energy capture plant on the African continent. It supplies one million Moroccan households with electricity day and night. Energy Observer Solutions met with Youssef Stitou, Noor Project Manager, to explain how this essential innovation for the energy transition works. A few kilometres outside Ouarzazate, an area equivalent to 3,437 football pitches is covered in mirrors, reflectors and photovoltaic panels… Welcome to the Noor solar power plant, the world’s largest system of its kind in operation. Mohamed VI, all hail the new Sun...

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3 tips for getting back into reading again

To get back into the habit of reading, there are a few tips that will help you integrate this activity into your lifestyle. For instance, choose a book that interests you and set up dedicated reading times throughout the day. Taking the time to savour the written word is not always easy. Especially after a long day at work. Here are a few simple tips for making sure you open and devour that book you just bought. [Hero and Featured Image Credit: Melanie Deziel/Unsplash] Image credit: Unsplash/Josh Applegate Changing one’s habits In order to succeed at reading more, there really is no secret....

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Your guide to 5 of the best claypot chicken rice stores in the Klang Valley

Get your fill of deliciously crispy rice and juicy chicken from these claypot chicken rice places in KL and beyond. Claypot chicken rice is another defining local cuisine for Malaysians. It makes for a hearty meal usually shared among two or more people, but what makes it so good? The dish is made up of several components: marinated chicken (usually a simple mixture of dark and light soy sauce with sugar, although we’re sure some places have their own secret recipe), rice, Chinese waxed sausages, and salted fish. Some people may not favour the salted fish element, but in our opinion, it adds...

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