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Dr Lisa Chan on how to stay in shape post-pregnancy

The physical changes experienced by new mothers can often be distressing. Dr Lisa Chan suggests some therapies to address them. Pregnancy is a time of transformation and anticipation, but the postnatal period can be difficult as mothers adjust to the way their bodies have changed. The top four concerns that new mums bring to me include: Stretch marks: Also known as striae gravidarum, stretch marks can form over the abdominal, buttock and breast areas during pregnancy. Rapid weight gain and stretching of the skin can result in dermal tears, which can become discoloured and atrophic. Stretch...

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Spa and afternoon tea: Serious pampering awaits at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Is there anything better than a spa day? As a matter of fact, there is: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore has one-upped their spa game with an indulgent spa-and-afternoon-tea experience that will do wonders for your overall well being. Yes, this means starting your self-care day with a divine, five-star massage before spending the rest of the afternoon sipping tea or bubbles and popping decadent tidbits. The Fullerton Spa, which reopened in January with a new menu of wonderful-sounding treatments by luxury label ESPA, offers everything you need to renew, reset and relax. A must-do is the 90-minute...

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This biodegradable face mask turns into flowers when planted

Face masks are now part of our daily lives, and are likely to remain so for months, if not years. But while they may be essential in stopping the spread of Covid-19, they aren’t particularly friendly for the planet or the oceans. In light of this, a Dutch designer has come up with a biodegradable mask which, instead of ending its life in the street or in the trash, can be planted to bring flowers to your garden. Surgical masks littering the streets of Europe’s capitals has become an image synonymous with the pandemic. As a result, the environment — which had finally made its way onto the agenda...

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Putting a price on happiness, country by country

It’s often said that money can’t buy happiness, even if it certainly helps. In fact, researchers in the US have worked out a “happiness premium” for various countries around the world. For example, they consider that you’ll need some $105,000 per year to be happy in the US. Scientists from Purdue University previously determined that, on average, people need an income of $170,000 a year in order to feel happy in life. Beyond that amount, anything you earn no longer increases feelings of happiness and satisfaction. But the price of happiness varies greatly from country to country, whether you...

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Startup Life: Cassandra Riene Tan of The Ritual on manpower issues and how knowing her triggers help alleviate stress

The Ritual Cafe and Bar, which opened in December last year, is a pretty, whitewashed Hygge-style cafe that champions mindfulness, self-love and mental wellness through wholesome, dietary-inclusive recipes and community-driven experiences.  In a time when we’re all sheltering in place, suddenly conscious of all of our bad habits while yearning for deep connections and new experiences, the hybrid concept is very hip and now. “​Many people are too focused on just one area of their lives and they find there’s always something missing,” says founder Cassandra Riene Tan. “​I want to create a space...

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TAG Heuer introduces a wellness app for its luxury connected watch

From the tiniest steps to the most strenuous workouts, the new Wellness app enables the wearers to track their daily activities simply and effectively. TAG Heuer was the brand that has pioneered the luxury connected watch segment for more than five years. Now, one year after the incredible success of its latest TAG Heuer Connected watch, the Swiss brand introduced a new Wellness app that enables wearers to stay fit, healthy and connected by tracking their biometrics during all their daily activities. “With the Wellness app, we are adding a new pillar to our Connected watch product offering....

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Where to buy crystals in Singapore for all your new age needs

Where to buy crystals in Singapore for all your new age needs Whether we subscribe to the healing properties of crystals or not, there is no getting around the fact that a growing number of people around the world do. Thanks, in part, to dedicated accounts on social media flexing the beauty of these subterranean gemstones along with the wave of new age practices on the rise amongst millennials, the appeal of crystals has brought a sparkle to the collective eye like never before. We’ve rounded up some stores where you can get crystals in Singapore. (Image: Allie Smith/Unsplash) Apart...

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Unconventional spa treatments around the world you need to try at least once

Some time spent at a spa can do wonders for your body and mind. It helps you unwind, rejuvenates your senses, and takes away the extra tension from your body after a stressful time. There are many regular spa therapies you can try, such as deep tissue massages, hot stone massages and body wraps. However, if you are feeling adventurous or want to try something different, there are a few unconventional spa treatments to help you relax. Forget the usual massages and body polishes — how about letting snakes slither down your back for some adrenaline-tinged relaxation? Or if you’re a foodie, you...

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Dr. Claudine Pang: The ophthalmologist on eye health and her love for humanity

Claudine Pang is the woman who has – and does – it all. The inspiring eye surgeon, avid humanitarian and mother of two tells Nafeesa Saini how her thirst for helping others guides her life’s trajectory. Dr Claudine Pang’s gentle nature, soft-spoken voice and sunny disposition belies her prowess in the medical field. Her achievements read like a laundry list – for one, she is one of the few doctors with multiple international fellowships in the subspecialty fields of both medical retina and vitreoretinal surgery; she is also the first woman in the world to receive the coveted William H Ross...

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