As surprising as it is refined, L’Orbe vodka is infused with caviar for a unique flavour. This collaboration with La Maison Nordique was made possible thanks to a micro-encapsulation technique.

Make way for a new drink in town: a vodka that’s infused with caviar. This artisanal beverage was born of the desire to capture the flavours of fine, rare ingredients whose tastes complement and enhance each other.

To bottle such a delicate concoction, L’Orbe has partnered with La Maison Nordique. For more than 20 years, this store has built a sound reputation in the French and international gastronomic landscape, notably for its caviar.

To mix the power of vodka with the subtlety of sturgeon eggs, the two brands used a unique micro-encapsulation technique. It’s the Impérial Baeri from La Maison Nordique that was selected for the process, a French caviar with subtle notes of walnuts and lightly buttered hazelnuts.

This collaboration gives rise to an exceptional vodka, infused with French caviar from La Maison Nordique. It’s a creation to admire, to savor and to share, as well as a symbol of diverse expertise working in unison.

For anyone who fancies sampling this unusual collaboration, L’Orbe Vodka x Caviar will be making an appearance at the SIRHA food service and hospitality fair in Lyon, France, September 23-27.

(Main and featured image: L’Orbe)

This story was published via AFP Relaxnews.

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