For some time now the major international fashion houses have enthusiastically embraced the concept of sustainable fashion.

Helping the planet without giving up on creating luxury clothes, which can inspire the purchasing decisions of the world’s most important customers, is now a mission for many fashion houses.

Among these stands out Chloè who has chosen to focus everything on sustainable luxury fashion: she has brought this new philosophy to the spotlight of Paris Fashion Week.

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Chloè and the sustainable turning point

The beloved French fashion house has definitely changed course.

Sustainability and the search for balance between fashion, luxury and respect for the environment have become priorities since there has been a change at the top.

In fact, since December 2020, the new director of Gabriela Hearst has given a great turn to the messages launched by the fashion house.

If before, in fact, Chloè has made its way with messages and images closely linked to a carefree, colorful and light femininity, with Gabriela Hearst the focus is much more on ethical fashion.

excellence magazine chloe

The new Chloè green luxury collection

“For a conscious and honest luxury”. That’s right, the maison described its new collection.

A set of strong and modern creations, with a great attention aimed above all at the origin and processing methods of raw materials.

For the spring summer collection presented at Paris Fashion Week, Chloè chose crochet dresses in bright colors, accessories created with shells woven into scraps of advanced fabric and bags with hand-woven handles.

A new awareness of the possibility that luxury, fashion and respect for the environment can and should coexist for a new dimension of fashion.

This is the strong and decisive message launched from the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week by Gabriela Hearst with her collection for Chloè.

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