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Crochet bucket hats are in, and here’s why you need them this summer

Lisa Gries

Creative Content Director, Bangkok

Before we begin: yes, this is another effort to dress more like Bella Hadid. And yes, this time it involves crochet and bucket hats.

Pick up your iPhone and check how many steps you’ve walked today. If the number is under 10,000, you’re in trouble.

As we’re staying home and working from home and essentially trying to do all of our going-out activities at home, there’s no denying that the sedentary lifestyle is getting to many of us. Slumped over a makeshift home office desk all morning, spread out on a sofa watching Netflix, or napping for the length of the day, a lot of us are definitely not moving enough.

In an effort to change this (and to burn off some extra snacking calories), we recently started embracing walks again. A breath of fresh air through your PM 2.5 mask, an exploration of your neighbourhood, and some quality time spent away from blue screens, going for a walk is way underrated.

Whilst a face mask and sunscreen can get you halfway out of these vendettas, we recently uncovered crochet bucket hats as a fine companion for our daily walk.

According to various upscale fashion magazines, crochet bucket hats are set to become the it-item for the season. If you needed any convincing, Bella Hadid has already been seen sporting the trend, and many others have followed suit.

Sure, we always loved the idea of crochet for our bikinis, but beyond Wonderfruit and Instagram, they didn’t make much sense. Finally, amidst the movement to dress more casual (and simply wear what feels good), crochet bucket hats are making meaning of the madness to us again.

As for KL, they’re sun protection, urban rustic style points, and often times can be found locally handmade, too. Win-win-win. Shop our current faves below.

[Hero Image Credit: Mango; Featured Image Credit: Bella Hadid via Instagram]

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok


We couldn’t think of a better fashion brand to start with. Taking us on a colourful route, Missoni’s crochet bucket hat features rainbow stripes that have been crochet-knitted in Italy. The thin brim of the hat allows it to be worn in two styles, for when you want to flaunt your face, or hide away.

Pair with: A tan, if you’re into that

Wear to: Walk barefoot along the beach

Price: Approx. RM1,748

Shop now


Fendi’s logo mania does not stop at crochet. Subtle yet not too subtle, using faux straw in a jacquard-weave, we love the contrasting threads that form the ‘FF’ monogram in this design. The casual shape means you can easily dress it up or down wherever you go.

Pair with: An all-black or all-white outfit, and let the hat speak for itself

Wear to: Pick up fresh fruit and veg from the farmer’s market

Price: Approx. RM3,347

Shop now


For those who seek a little more sun protection on their stroll, opt for a bigger hat, like this one from Mango. The handmade design comes in a beautifully warm orange hue, perfect for summer evenings. We particularly like the adjustable cord, so it’s a nice one to share between family and friends and heads.

Pair with: Linen resortwear

Wear to: A 4.30pm walk to the park

Price: RM119

Shop now


Handmade in Thailand, Sreep makes custom crochet bucket hats (and matching bags, as pictured). As seen here in a seaweed green hue, we love the playful floppiness of this hat, framing the face in an endearing way, and pairing especially well with sunglasses to suit.

Pair with: Your favourite shades

Wear to: Walk in nature on your Kanchanaburi road trip

Price: THB 490 (Approx. RM64.95)

[Image Credit: @mykanyachat/Instagram]

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Who said crochet hats couldn’t be snazzy? Prada’s take on the crochet bucket hat includes the currently very trendy raffia fibre, and the brand’s signature metal triangle logo to the side. We like the preppy aura of this hat, a little reminiscent of pre-tennis in the Hamptons.

Pair with: Fresh flowers

Wear to: Walk to the deli to pick up wine and other imported goods

Price: Approx. RM2,278

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If, like Bella Hadid, you want to go for a more groovy and colourful design, Nay Selected may have the right hat for you. Made in Thailand, we love the fun purple colour, as well as the floral embellishments. This crochet bucket hat doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is exactly the energy we want to emanate with this daily walk thing.

Pair with: Wide-legged jeans and a crop top, to complete your ‘90s-inspired look

Wear to: Somewhere with street art

Price: THB 590 (Approx. RM78.21)

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