Previously only available in a professional’s office, LED skin therapy has, in the last couple of years, crept into the home as more beauty companies venture into the world of skin-tech.

These futuristic, light-emitting devices claim various skin benefits, from smoothing wrinkles and boosting collagen synthesis to tackling hyperpigmentation and skin damage. Many facialists, dermatologists and beauty gurus agree: LED has been well-documented to be a safe, effective tool that renders positive results for your complexion when used regularly.

The latest to enter our consciousness is Korean brand Curicare Lab’s Haru LED Face Mask, which reportedly achieved 3,806% of its funding goal when it launched on Wadiz, the largest crowdfunding platform in Korea. It offers four treatment options: Daily mode improves skin’s elasticity and collagen production; Calming controls melanin, lightens hyperpigmentation and reduces inflammation; Rhythm combines Daily and Calming modes to smooth wrinkles and brighten skin; and Secret mode accelerates skin healing and boosts cell growth with non-visible NIR (near-infrared) light.

Designed to be oversized to cover your face from the hairline to the collarbones, the Ironman-esque mask emits light that penetrates up to 7mm into the skin, which is deeper than other LED gadgets that only reaches 3mm. The best part? It only takes eight minutes a day to do its magic.

Lifting it out of the box, Curicare’s Haru LED Face Mask looks substantial with its rigid construction, but feels light. It comes with a pair of detachable eye shields, a stand, a charging cable and an instruction manual. On the device, there’s a single power button at the top, a c-type charging port and an opening near the mouth area for ventilation. To use, make sure the mask is sufficiently charged before putting it on and tightening the straps around the back of your head. The sensor, which detects when the appliance is worn or taken off for safety, is located near the power button, so adjust it such that the hairline or the forehead is in contact with the top underside of the mask.

Start the treatment by pushing the power button for a second or two to turn it on, then press it again (and again) to select the mode of your choice. A small beep indicates the end of the treatment after eight minutes. It’s recommended that you cleanse and tone prior, and wash with lukewarm water after to remove impurities like sweat and sebum that are secreted during the session. Thereafter, follow with the rest of your skincare regimen. You can also optimise results by combining a topical mask (try Curicare’s Eco Ceramide Collatox Haru Mask) with your treatment.

Beyond skin rejuvenation, wearing the mask “forces” you to do nothing for eight minutes, which allows you some time to rest your eyes, decompress and, if you like, meditate. Because of this, I prefer doing the treatment at the end of the day as part of my bedtime routine.

I’m pretty sensitive to light, so it feels very bright for me on the Daily, Calming and Rhythm modes even with the eye shields and my peepers shut. Having said that, it’s nice that the Haru Face Mask turns on gradually, so there’s no sudden assault of blinding light. And for days when I’m not up for glares, the Secret option is perfect – though without visible light, it’s hard to tell if I selected the right treatment or if the device is off. I’m also slightly claustrophobic, so it took a few sessions to get used to wearing the machine.

Two weeks into using the mask, I notice my post-breakout blemishes and dark spots have lightened. My skin is also brighter, more supple and less shiny in the morning. Incorporating the mask into my daily self-care routine feels a little extra, but a better complexion and improved well-being are good reasons to stick with it for the long while.

For more information on the Haru LED Face Mask, visit Curicare Lab’s Instagram for guides and updates. 

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