Donald Trump exudes confidence, says he has ‘very good’ chances of winning


Washington: US President Donald Trump exuded confidence Tuesday and said that he feels ‘very good’ about his chances of winning the presidential elections against his Democratic rival Joe Biden. Donald Trump is hoping that the large crowds at his rallies in key battleground states would turn into votes for him. Trump addressed 14 rallies in the last three days in the key battleground states, almost all of which were attended by thousands of people.

The top battleground States are Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Arizona.

“We feel very good. We have crowds that nobody’s ever had before, it’s insane and I think you can agree. It’s been incredible. The crowds have been incredible,” Trump told ‘Fox News’ in an interview Tuesday morning.

“Nobody’s ever had it (large crowd) before. And so, I think that translates into a lot of votes and we’re going to see very soon, but we’re getting good response. We are getting a very early response to see and I think we’re doing incredible in Florida,” asserted Trump.

Trump asserted that he is winning in several of key states like Texas, about which pollsters have raised doubts.

“We think we are winning Texas very big. We think we are winning Florida very big and Arizona as well. I think we are going to do very well in North Carolina and in Pennsylvania. It’s more than thinking. You know, we’re seeing trends,” Trump informed.

Trump said that his assessment is based on trends and not the polls. “I think the polls are suppression polls, and I think we’ll have victory. But only when there’s victory, I mean, you know, there’s no reason to play games. I think we’ll have victory. I look at it as being a very solid chance at winning here,” said the president.

Referring to his election rallies, Trump said there were ‘massive crowds’ no matter where he went.

“These are really big (rallies)… where you have 30-40,000. We had a 51,000 people and they’re built in – you know, largely in airports, always open because of the corona,” he said.

Meanwhile, Al Mason, co-chair of the ‘Trump Victory Indian American Finance Committee’, in an op-ed said that the election is headed for a major victory for the president. He described it as a ‘Trump Tsunami’.

“Given the track record of the Americans, I am sure they will take the wisest decisions. It is not only crucial for the US – but also for the world as well. It’s a make or break moment for the humanity,” Mason wrote in Town Hall.

“A win for Trump means a defeat of China’s Communist Party. A Trump victory means, saving the world from a new round of genocide and an end to democracy as we know it. A vote against Trump this year means a vote against our most cherished values of freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of press and individual liberty,” he added.