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Giorgio Armani
Giorgio Armani during the “One Night Only Roma” event, a marathon style that includes the exhibition “Eccentrico” and a fashion parade. Rome, Italy, 5 giugno 2013. ANSA/ CLAUDIO PERI

These are the words that characterize the manifesto that tells the story of Emporio Armani, a brand that celebrates 40 years of presence on the market, a true trend setter, almost a compass for orienting oneself in a new way of identifying an aesthetic-cultural methodology with a project born in 1981.

Under the sign of an eagle that flies high and knows no boundaries, we find the hallmark of lightness, the fluidity of the cuts and the softness of the chromatic movements.

In the new collection, everything blends and amalgamates in the male and female silhouettes, transmitting a metropolitan imprint and outlining a strong identity, in which the references between the male and female world are constant, despite the mutual differences.

giorgio armani 40 anni

The Emporio Armani woman wears blousons paired with fluid trousers that define the new idea of ​​suits, as if they were soft pajamas, dusters and parkas opened by zips, blazers that become as impalpable as shirts.

The small jackets are embellished with trimming buttons or contrasting linings, while the longer skirts dematerialize in transparencies and overlaps, to highlight the wrinkled effect knitwear.

The dream of everyday life becomes reality in the soft tailoring of men’s blazers of the perfect cut and in the absolute lightness of the shirt jacket, up to the wide tunic over pajama pants.

A game of skilful counterpoints, that of Emporio Armani, which deliberately creates progressive tensions: classic blue shirts are worn with a tie, and then matched with fluid printed trousers with blazers without stiffness.

The jackets are made of linen, knits, silk and wool, to show the naturalness of the body. The printed knitwear creates tatoo effects on the bust, while the denim is treated with a sartorial flair in the construction of trousers with large volumes.

In the evening, the shantug of the Bermuda shorts is combined with the washed silk of the blouse that blends with the irreverent glitter of the sequins for her.

The accessories emphasize the lightness of the clothes: for her sandals with intertwined ropes with a geometric design, small capacious travel pouches and wide-brimmed hats to shelter from the sun, for him boat shoes with high tank soles, embossed leather slippers and sabot, with bags that are carried only by hand.

A collection where elegance and appropriate care that define the appropriateness of a democratic fashion that defines the person, and can be used to live with respect for oneself and for others.

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