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Even leather can be a sustainable luxury

True fashion victims know this: for some years high fashion has increasingly offered a green alternative to leather. Over time we have seen the birth of biomaterials of all kinds. Vegan leathers have the most particular origins: from cactus to mushrooms.

It seems that the most fashion houses are distancing themselves from real leather.

However, the “eco” leathers are still very often in the development phase and designed with the presence of synthetic materials.

The world of luxury is re-evaluating whether and how to use leather in a sustainable way.


Mulberry and the Made to Last manifesto

Mulberry has always been one of the best known and most appreciated brands by luxury fashion houses. Clothing, accessories and bags created with the leathers of this brand have made thousands of fashion and luxury lovers dream in every corner of the planet.

Mulberry has chosen to carry on its leather production with two important and innovative “sustainable turns”.

First, some time ago he publicly pledged not to use any more exotic leathers to avoid animal cruelty.

The commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment of this brand have resulted in the drafting of Made to Last.

It is a real manifesto in which the brand has listed its vision and its projects aimed at sustainability.

One of the cornerstones of Made to Last? Mulberry is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

This will imply a profound revision of the production chain: no distance; it will go directly from the farm to the finished product.


Mulberry’s green data

The new design of the production chain, thanks also to regenerative agriculture, has led to a significant reduction in Co2 production.

In fact, we have gone from the average of 17 kg of CO2 per square meter to the Mulberry footprint of only 1.4 kg of CO2 produced per square meter.

Also with regard to the use of highly polluting chemicals used for tanning, Mulberry wants to make its leathers a green luxury product.

All their tanneries will receive environmental accreditation from the Leather Working Group.

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