The eight-floor new visitor experience for the world’s best-selling Scotch whisky has officially opened in Scotland’s capital city.

The future of Scotch whisky tourism is here, with the official opening of Johnnie Walker Princes Street — the eagerly anticipated new visitor attraction, located smack dab in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland. Set over 71,500 sq. ft, Johnnie Walker Princes Street takes visitors on a personalised journey of flavour and discovery on a never-before-seen scale, in a global drinks experience.

Johnnie Walker Princes Street

“This is a proud time for everyone. Last year Johnnie Walker celebrated 200 years since founder John Walker opened the doors to his small grocery store and this opening represents the next chapter of the incredible story,” said Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive of Diageo. “Johnnie Walker Princes Street is a landmark investment in Scotch whisky and into Scotland, celebrating Scotland’s remarkable heritage and our incredible skilled whisky-makers.”

With 200 years of whiskey crafting to its name, Johnnie Walker has long been known to expand the scale and variety of their blends, especially since the turn of the century. At Johnny Walker Princes Street, there are more than 800 flavour combinations available in innovative dispensation systems, which means that one person could visit Johnnie Walker Princes Street every day for more than two years and not have the same experience twice.

Johnnie Walker Princes Street

The Journey of Flavour tour is what guests should definitely be excited for, as it will identify their personal flavour preferences, mapped with drinks tailored exclusively to their palate. On the tour, guests will also get to learn about the fascinating 200-year-old story of Johnnie Walker brought to life by over 150 diverse and talented employees. 

The building, formerly a century-old traditional department store, will contain an experiential retail space where shoppers can select from most unique and exclusive whiskies, fill bottles direct from casks and have them engraved. There are also roof terrace planters in the building, which will provide herbs for garnishes and infusions for drinks. The cellar has been transformed into a true whisky treasury, where some of the most unique whisky casks in the world are gently maturing and waiting to be sampled by guests.

Johnnie Walker Princes Street

“We’re thrilled to be opening the doors and helping to rebuild the tourism and hospitality industry after a very difficult 18 months,” said Barbara Smith, Managing Director of Johnnie Walker Princes Street.

Tickets for tours start from £25 per person (approx. RM145 per person), which includes a 90-minute tour and three personalised Scotch whisky drinks. All samples are provided with carefully controlled measures, and non-alcoholic alternatives are also available.

To book and for more information, visit johnniewalkerprincesstreet.com

For more information on Johnnie Walker, visit johnniewalker.com

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