The holiday season calls for comforting home-cooked food: warm, savoury casseroles and pot roasts with aromatic herbs. A perfect cookware can wonderfully add to the pleasure of cooking, and Le Creuset’s latest release in Nectar will be an addition that brightens up your kitchen for many seasons to come. 

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If you are already a fan of Le Creuset, you will know how great they are for cooking. This new colourway in golden yellow is a tone that makes the food look even more appetising. Plus, it is a beauty on the stove and the table—like a little spot of French sunshine in your kitchen that’s perfect for the festive season and every other time of the year. 

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There’s also a reason why so many people turn to Le Creuset when it comes to cookware. They are long-lasting, chip-resistant—practical and durable without compromising the aesthetics. Claimed to be the first manufacturer to adopt colour enamel coatings to cast iron, Le Creuset’s cookware comes in many vibrant colours.

A mouth-watering shade for mouth-watering dishes

According to colour psychology in food, warm tones can make great food look even more appetising. It’s no surprise why Nectar is an apt addition to Le Creuset’s existing catalogue of beautiful shades. The Nectar line is available in a choice of cast iron and stoneware to suit every cooking method and preference. To see Nectar in action, the founder and chef of Flat Marble Peechaya “Aum” Sukviboon tests out the cookware with three mouthwatering dishes.

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Steak and eggs with a twist

Below, chef Aum makes classic favourites like steak and eggs with the Signature Round Skillet, where she created an enticing ensemble of eggs, steaks, mushrooms, and tomatoes with a generous topping of uni.


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Pasta for the table

Another thing many chefs and home cooks love about Le Creuset is their Signature Round Casserole pot. It’s not only oven compatible, but also distributes heat evenly. Here, chef Aum has used it for a pasta dish that would be great for the festive season. The sauce is served in one of our favourite and the brand’s iconic Mini Round Cocotte.

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Cioppino to share

Another idea for the festive season, we recommend making a Cioppino with the Signature Round Casserole Casserole/Oven in size 24cm that can serve up to 5 – 6 pax. Your Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners will be sorted with ease.

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Discover more recipe ideas, cookware inspiration and the new Nectar line at Le Creuset Thailand’s Instagram account. Le Creuset’s quality cookware can also be purchased from Siam Paragon, Emporium, Central Chidlom, and Central Festival Chiangmai as well as Villa Market Online and Central Online.

For more information, visit Le Creuset.  

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