In recent years, one noticeable style trend is the popularity of micro and nano-sized bags. Topping off the game is the Hermès Kellymorphose, which takes luxury fashion and the concept of miniature bags to a whole new level.

It seems as if fashion houses and brands are competing to come up with the most petite handbags. Even the most iconic designs are getting the shrinking treatment, becoming increasingly smaller and smaller as if someone has been practising the Reducio charm on them (yes, we are making a Harry Potter reference to drive the point home). And, if you think that Lizzo’s red carpet look and her tiny bag is already tiny and precious enough, try this: an Hermès Kelly, reinterpreted into a miniature, high jewellery version. 

Hermès Kellymorphose

Forget leather bags and shiny hardware, for here we have a bag that is a piece of jewellery on its own. With the Kellymorphose, the iconic bag is deconstructed and transformed. Rather than slung across the body or carried around, the Kelly now becomes an ornament for the neck, wrist and fingers. 

Pierre Hardy, Creative Director of Hermès jewellery, takes apart beloved elements of the Kelly’s signature trapezoidal architecture, its two-side straps, clasp, padlock and keyholder, before recreating them in precious materials. It’s subtle, but at the same time, a statement piece that pays tribute to the Maison’s famous bag. 

“The Kelly bag elevates its functional components: the side straps and an elemental clasp consisting of a turnlock, a plate and four studs. I do the same with Kelly jewellery, by reinterpreting or disrupting its original lines.”

Pierre Hardy, Creative Director of Hermès jewellery

Made of precious metals, the pieces are available in a choice of gleaming rose gold, velvety black spinels, white gold and solid silver set with baguette-cut diamonds. The collection errs on the feminine side, with delicate chains that can be worn in various ways, whether draped once or twice around the neck, upon the décolleté or flowing down one’s back.