Moroccan cuisine is a mirror of the country’s rich and diverse cultural landscape that encompasses Berber, Arab, African, Mediterranean, Jewish and some European influences.

A postcard-perfect scene of a Marrakech medina will give you a glimpse of Morocco’s amazing culinary repertoire through the sheer abundance of spices and produce on display. The classic Moroccan feast, called a diffa, celebrates this bounty of flavours with a never-ending array of sumptuous dishes that include fresh salads and slow-cooked tajines.

Though Morocco is (still) off the cards, getting a taste of its diffa isn’t, thanks to an exciting collaboration between SO/ Singapore and private caterer Walima. From September 16 to 30, the hotel’s Xperience Restaurant will be hosting a Moroccan feast in a setting inspired by Marrakech’s magical riads.

The menu, created by Walima chef Safia Aboutikab, features time-honoured dishes such as Allahm Bel Barquo(marinated lamb shank with prunes, apricot and nuts), Aldajaj Mqali (marinated chicken thigh with preserved lemon and olives), couscous with beef cheek and vegetables, Harira (meat soup with chickpeas, lentils and fresh herbs) and Khob (Moroccan bread). In keeping with traditional Moroccan cooking, meats and vegetables are slow-cooked with spices and accentuated with caramelised onions and raisins for a distinct but subtle sweetness. This feast isn’t for those with a taste for the bland.

There is, of course, Moroccan mint tea, served the traditional way: Leaves are muddled then served thrice, only adding hot water. Boozy drink options are also available, with cocktails infused with spices such as coriander seeds, turmeric powder and anise. Sweets come in the form of cookies — almond gazelle horns, walnut and pistachio biscuits are offered as a set with tea.

Marrakech at SO/ Singapore has four seatings daily for lunch (11.30am or 1.15pm) and dinner (6pm or 8pm). Find out more here

(All images: SO/ Singapore)

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