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Hermès and the first leather bag… derived from mushrooms

Being sustainable has now become synonymous with glamor.

More and more consumers of luxury items are choosing to buy the products of the most iconic brands on the market as long as they are, in addition to fashion, also respectful of the environment.

Hermès is well aware that it has chosen to present its iconic Victoria model bag made of a decidedly innovative material: it is called Sylvania and it is a vegan leather made with the Fine Mycelium process.

The name of the process of making the material already suggests its origin: it is mushrooms, naturally among the finest.

The Victoria bag thus enriches the It bags collection.

These objects from the Hermés house are among the most loved by fashion victims from all over the world, but with a completely renewed focus on materials and eco-sustainability.

The ecological leather of this bag does not detract from the extreme quality, indeed it adds charm.

The leather derived from the treatment of mushrooms is very soft to the touch, resistant, with refined reliefs and an amber color that cannot fail to recall the treasures of the forest.

This material is made to last over time and to give every Victoria owner a feeling of luxury and glamor.

Hermés has chosen to focus on Sylvania, a material that is based on the vegetative ability of mycelia to bind to other materials and thus create a valid substitute for traditional leather.

The result of a collaboration with Hermès that began three years ago, Sylvania is much more ecological than eco-leather (based on plastic), precisely because it is made from a completely organic material.

The price of this beautiful Hermés bag?

It will be around 5,000 euros, in line with the calfskin bag version, in order to offer its public a sustainable alternative.

The American company is not the only one to have understood the potential of sustainable materials for the fashion industry.

More and more start-ups are developing alternatives to animal skin.

An example?

Mylo by Bolt Threads, another leather made from mycelium, which had the support of a consortium formed by Adidas, Stella McCartney, Lululemon and Kering.

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