The name of this brand comes from the union of two English terms: “Her”, she and “Earth”, Earth.

The link between the essence of femininity and respect for Mother Nature translates into an exclusive lingerie collection.

The principles that animate this body positive brand, completely Made in Italy, are: timelessness, quality and craftsmanship.

We know that underwear has always been a symbol of beauty and celebration of the female body. Herth, behind which Antonietta Caracciuolo hides, has designed a lingerie collection created to enhance the female body in every expression of her, making it fascinating even in her wonderful imperfections.

Luxury and sustainability to wear

Tank tops, briefs and bras are designed to be minimal, essential and comfortable.

The clean and charming lines of this collection are made of a single material: a certified organic silk.

It is GOTS organic silk, 100% renewable and biodegradable.

The commitment to respect the planet does not end here: even the dyeing processes of the garments are designed exclusively with the use of chemical-free dyes.

The brand wants to be a new reference point for green luxury fashion: each garment is equipped with a QR Code; just scan it to trace its complete path, from creation to final destination. The tracking will also allow you to consult the entire list of suppliers and their related certifications.

The brand’s goal is to “educate” customers to go beyond the boss, to deepen the policies adopted by parent companies and to choose to adhere to a responsible purchasing ethic.

The entire production chain boasts of being Italian, with production concentrated in Veneto thanks to the experience of local artisans.

Eco-friendly couriers and green packaging complete the path of respect for the environment of Herth garments: even shipping is sustainable.

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