Looking to switch up your lockdown look? Try liquid hair.

There is a whole generation out there that treats any trends started by Kim Kardashian as the holy grail. From fashion trends like an all-nude wardrobe to beauty ones like contouring, it only takes a few sightings for things to go viral. The latest on that bandwagon is liquid hair – a buttery, silky salon-like smoothness without a hair out of place.

Looking back at Kim Kardashian’s hair journey, there’s plenty of mesmerising moments that make the cut — the recent snake print hair done by her hairstylist Chris Appleton, the 90s blunt-cut bob and the really long, wavy locks courtesy extensions. So when KimK gives her approval to a fluid-like hairstyle, you are seduced into wanting the same. And it’s not just us, that’s feeling themselves sliding for the liquid hair trend, even Zendaya, Dua Lipa, and ample Instagram influencers are following suit.

The current climate might not be conducive to smooth hair, but with the monsoon moving away, it might be time to give this trend a go. Shiny, smooth ‘shampoo ad’ like hair is a great get whatever your hair length might be, which is why liquid hair — a more grown-up version with glossier hair is gaining popularity. Whether you have a shoulder-length bob or billowing long hair, this frizz proof trend is worthy of a try.

The first step to achieve glass hair is a keratin treatment. A technique adopted by many celebrities, including Meghan Markle, it is a de-frizzing process that lasts for about six months. An in-salon treatment injects your hair follicle and porous areas with keratin, an essential hair protein. This leaves the hair healthier and smoother and is much better than chemical straightening procedures. While it can be done at home, the results aren’t always as effective.

Another way to get the glossy, poker-straight hair look or liquid hair is by investing in hair care products that leave you with a smoother scalp. Here are a few recommendations for how to achieve the liquid hair look at home.

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