Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fitness instructors and founders of Sunborne, Joyce Shih and Nadja van der Drift, agree with that statement too.

Through their mutual love for wholesome food and brunch, Sunborne was born. Their goal is to bring joy by uplifting anyone’s morning at home with flavourful pancakes.

Unlike store-bought pancake mixes, Sunborne is plant-based and gluten-free. For those who have dietary restrictions, hearing this is like music to the ears.

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These tried-and-true pancake mixes are not only delicious but taste just as good as any regular pancakes – minus the eggs and dairy, of course. The instructions are simple and only require three ingredients: plant-based or regular milk of choice, lemon juice and oil. It may be easy to whip up at home, but creating the perfect stack was a lengthy process for the founders.

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“It requires a lot of trial and error. We’re perfectionists, so we kept tweaking the recipe until we achieved the texture and flavour we were happy with. We still do weekly R&Ds to check on quality and see if there’s anything we can improve on,” Joyce shares.

Nadja explains, “A big thing for us was keeping it simple for everyone to be able to make, even with limited cooking experience. Even though the pancakes are plant-based, we wanted it to taste as good as normal ones, so it’s encouraging to hear people are surprised at how light and fluffy they are without eggs and dairy.”

I can vouch for that too. It even made me appreciate slow mornings by preparing a mouth-watering meal for my family too. To dig further, we chat with the founders on what inspired them to start this business and the health benefits of consuming these delicious pancakes. Scroll down to find out.

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