Iskra Lawrence speaks out about her battle with self-confidence in emotional Instagram post

Iskra Lawrence

British model Iskra Lawrence, who’s well-known for being an advocate for body positivity — opened up on Instagram Tuesday about how difficult it is for her to maintain her self-confidence.

In a series of photos of herself basking on a balcony, clad in a light blue bra and underwear set, the 31-year-old mom explained that self-confidence is “so much more than just putting on your cutest undie set and posing for pics.”

“[Every day] I choose to be my biggest cheerleader,” she wrote in the caption. “I know my privileges and I’ll never forget the darkness of body dysmorphia and disordered eating and will forever protect myself.”

Lawrence went on to share that being a new mom has given her a new perspective on the issue, too: “At times self-care seemed impossible and insignificant when you’re trying to juggle so baby, work and still being present in your relationship,” she wrote. She shared that, while she used to love the phrase “put your mask on before helping others,” she admits that she “would never put my mask on first if my baby needed me.”

For when she’s not feeling as self-confident as she’d like, Lawrence shared this advice to others who might be able to relate: “We remember who the F we are,” she wrote. “We look directly at ourselves in the mirror and build ourselves up like we are going into battle, we [armour] up with our kind words and affirmations and we ask for help when we need it.”

Lawrence’s fans flocked to her post, thanking the model for being so open about her struggles. “Exactly what I needed to hear at this moment,” one Instagram user shared, while another told Lawrence that her “glow is so beautiful.”

She ended the post by empowering her followers and fans to remember that “this is our life, no one else’s. According to Lawrence, regarding our lives: “We have the ability to own every aspect of it and I believe no matter where you are right now as you’re reading you’ve got this,” she wrote. You’re enough exactly as you are right now ILY.”

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