The glass, along with women and cars, is among the distinctive symbols of James Bond which, however, in the latest film ‘No time to die’, which premiered last week, changes tradition.

The protagonist becomes the Bordeaux wine that overwhelmingly occupies the screen, especially when compared to the historical partners of the saga, namely Bollinger and Heineken.

james bond no time to die

To underline this is The Drink Business magazine, noting that when 007 goes to Q’s house, just as he is preparing dinner, Bordeaux wine ‘Saint-Émilion grand cru Angelus’ appears and holds the scene more than any other drink in all the 163-minute duration of the film. In fact, Heineken is sipped by a secret agent in a club while he meets CIA agent Felix Leiter, while Bollinger champagne appears only in a bar, and is never actually drunk by Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond.

james bond no time to die

This is also not the first appearance on the big screen for Angelus, who already went into the spotlight in the 2006 film Casino Royale, when Vesper Lynd and James Bond drank a vintage ’82 during the train ride to Montenegro.

According to the magazine, the owner of Saint-Emilion property, Hubert de Boüard, in addition to having paid for his exposure within the film, is also linked by a friendship with the Broccoli family who are in charge of the production of the 007 films.

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