Lamb shanks braised with tomatoes and basil and aubergine caponata


A whole lamb shank is slowly braised in a wonderfully delicate tomato sauce until meltingly tender and falling apart, ready to be served alongside an aubergine and basil caponata with plenty of pine nuts in this recipe from Paul Foster. It may take a good few hours to cook, but it’s a low-effort recipe that packs a serious punch.

Paul says: ‘In this recipe, the braising liquor absorbs all the deliciousness from the lamb while cooking. I use Mutti’s peeled whole tomatoes in this braising liquor because even after the long cooking times they still retain a firm and fleshy texture and can stand up to the bold flavours of the meat. The addition of Mutti’s double concentrated tomato purée is an important one, as it adds an extra hit of boldness and intensity.’


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