Great success for Malta.

The summer season that has just passed has in fact seen the small archipelago as one of the most sought-after and appreciated tourist destinations.

The high number of visitors and the increasingly accentuated tendency to find travel solutions that combine the luxury experience with that of full respect for nature, has led the administration to take action to safeguard the Maltese artistic and natural heritage.

Sustainability and renewal: the new luxury green Malta

However, the sustainability strategies implemented by the authorities have not stopped the tourist promotion of the area.

The two forces have come together, giving life to new types of offers to experience Malta in the name of luxury but also of sustainability, both from a cultural and environmental point of view.

Recovery, restoration and 5-star treatments

Balance: this is the watchword for the new Maltese tourism.

Offering the visitor a luxury stay, equipped with all comforts, has always been a feature that characterizes the territory of Malta.

Starting from this season, however, the “5 star” treatments have also been offered by the numerous boutique hotels, real pearls set in the area, born from the skilful renovation of ancient stately buildings in the historic center.

Also with regard to Gozo, the second island of the archipelago, the balance between luxury and sustainability has resulted in the opportunity to stay in the famous farmhouses.

These are ancient farmhouses wisely restored for a luxurious stay, surrounded by nature.

Malta and sustainable luxury tourism

The landscapes of the Maltese archipelago are among the most evocative in the world.

For those wishing to fully experience contact with nature without giving up the comforts of luxury but always remaining in sustainability, you can choose different experiences.

From scenic trekking routes to excursions, perhaps with sustainable fishing trips included, on a sailing boat, from eco-bike tours in the countryside without forgetting diving, Malta is the new destination for luxury… sustainable tourism.

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