Saint Tropez is the location that saw the official presentation of the first electrified Maserati Levante.

A real novelty for the rotten of the trident, who chooses sustainable luxury as a new proposal for his lucky customers.

Maserati, with its new hybrid Levante, leaves no room for doubt: performance, luxury and elegance can coexist with the reduction of emissions.

Features of the new Maserati Levante

A real four-wheeled jewel.

Maserati Levante Hybrid boasts a four-cylinder direct injection petrol engine, capable of satisfying the speed and driving brilliance that has always characterized this brand.

For the electrical part, this luxury SUV is equipped with a 48 Volt system.

Not only that: the hybrid essence is also guaranteed by the belt start generator and by the recovery of energy during braking.

The combination of the two souls of Levante leads it to boast 330 horses ready to give emotions to the lucky owners.

The performance

Maserati never contradicts itself: this splendid car counts on truly extraordinary performance.

Maximum speed of 245 km/h, from zero to one hundred in just 6 seconds and specific power equal to 165 hp per liter of engine volume make it unique in its kind.

Thanks to the electrical system, Maserati Levante is able to reduce CO2 emissions by almost 20% compared to the 350 hp V6 model.

You can travel an average of 10 km with a liter of green and the “sailing” function is another solution to reduce fuel consumption.

Two colors are available for this jewel: Astro blue or three-layer metallic blue, a color specially designed to enhance the sinuous lines of this hybrid SUV that alternates with cobalt blue details, to make the hybrid nature of Levante even more evident.

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