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Model Luma Grothe and her journey to being Paco Rabanne’s Olympean woman

Brazillian model Luma Grothe is no stranger to Paco Rabanne. Now, she returns as the face of the brand’s latest fragrance: Olympea Blossom.

Paco Rabanne’s Olympea Blossom is a new floral fragrance for women that toes the line between a burst of flowers with sensuality. Within the fragrance, you’ll find top notes of freshly-cut roses and sparkling blackcurrant sorbet — these top notes are inspired by youth and its headiness, that constant “first” experience. But then, we see the fragrance evolve into something sexier, translated by delicate vanilla and cashmere wood in the middle notes, ending with a soft and musky trail by the end of the day.

Echoing its scent is the design of the perfume bottle in pink, gold, and black — an ode to the sensual female. Naturally, the face for the fragrance has to be someone who is altogether feminine yet sexy, innocent yet all-knowing — who better to play the role than Brazillian model Luma Grothe?

Grothe is no stranger to the Paco Rabanne world, having been the face of Invictus and Olympea Legend previously. Now with Olympea Blossom, we got an exclusive interview with her to talk about her childhood, as well as when she “blossomed” into a woman.

If you could define yourself in three words, what would you choose?

To define myself, I would choose the words: honest, creative, and kind.

As a little girl, how did you picture yourself growing up?

When I was a little girl I thought I would be a scientist-ballerina-rockstar, all at once! I wanted to work for NASA or live in Hawaii. I never thought I would be in Paris like right now, doing amazing projects for feminism, working as a model, and going to acting school. 

But even though it wasn’t my plan, I am very proud of everything that has happened in my life and the woman I have become.  

Do you remember the moment when everything changed?

I am not sure there was a specific moment… when you are a little girl you dream of the impossible, you want to do everything! Growing up my life took me this way, I was very going with the flow, always a happy girl following my instinct and my intuition.

What is a tip that you would have liked to be given when you first started out as a model?

As a young model, I would have liked to be told that being a model is not just having a beautiful face. We have a voice and we need to use it, to truly inspire others we need to use our voice, it’s not about the way you look. 

Also, I wish that someone would have told me first how much power our thoughts have and how to manifest what we want with thoughts.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

In the next five years, I am going to continue to do what I love, basically everything I am doing right now because it makes me so happy! I am living a very well balanced life, I am very connected to myself now and to the people around me, I am creating art…

Well, one dream that I have for the next five years is to finish a series of feminist short films. I’ve started script-writing, acting and directing and I love writing short films. I want to inspire people for equality.

Your relationship with Paco Rabanne started back in 2015 with the launch of Olympea. What has the journey been like?

Actually, it started back in 2014! It makes me emotional sometimes to think of this journey because I was so young and so shy. Paco Rabanne is a huge part of my path to my womanhood. By embodying Olympea I was able to find this goddess inside of me and I became this powerful woman very much: confident,  knowing myself more and knowing what I want. This journey has been incredible, it really dictated the woman I have become. 

How do you see the Paco Rabanne woman and how much in common does she have with you?

The Paco Rabanne woman is a woman who is always ahead of her time. For example, in the ’60s Paco Rabanne dressed women like warriors and goddesses because that’s what they were and he saw that before society could see it before they could see how beautiful and strong we are.  

Today I can say that we have a lot in common because I definitely became the Paco woman, a woman ahead of her time.

How would you describe the Olympea Blossom woman?

The Olympea Blossom woman is a woman who is beautiful from the inside. She is very confident, happy with who she is and comfortable in her skin. She is the kind of woman you want to be around because her energy is contagious!

Do you remember your own blossoming moment?

I had many, I think, but my first blossoming moment was the day I decided to leave my hometown and discover the world. I was 15 and I asked my parents to sign an emancipation letter because I wanted to be a model and travel the world. It took so much courage and strength from me, it was definitely a blossoming moment.

Who are the women that inspired you the most in your life and have helped you out with your personal blossoming?

The women that inspired me the most in my life are my sisters and my mother, they always held space for me and gave me the love I needed to move forward. Outside of my family, the woman who inspires me is Jane Fonda. Yes, I am a fan! She really inspires me through her work, her activism and her art, she is a role model.

You are very vocal about your feminist activism and use your influence to share a message of empowerment to women all around the world. How important is that to you?

Feminism activism is my mission in life. It’s personal but I think it’s important to tell the story: I grew up in a very patriarchal family where the men always had the last word even though the women in the family are extremely intelligent, always reading, always studying, always researching —the fact that we couldn’t be so vocal had a lot of implications later on, in our life. 

In my opinion, the world has to be more a little bit more equal and fair to women. 

We have a lot of power and a lot of resilience so the more equality we have in society, the more women in government or in big jobs’ positions there will be.

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