The official presentation of the new fragrance of the “King” of fashion and elegance took place a few days ago.

Exclusively on the designer’s e-commerce, “My Way” was launched which means “my way” understood as “my way”.

Giorgio Armani wanted to enclose his love for travel, both for the world and within himself, in an elegant and sophisticated fragrance.

Exceptional testimonial for this new product, the beautiful Adria Arjona.

Who is the testimonial of My Way
It is a young and talented American actress of Puerto Rican origins.

Giorgio Armani wanted her to be alongside her in the launch of this new product because she called her “a citizen of the world”.

In short, the new muse of King George seems to embody all the values ​​contained in the precious bottles of My Way.

Adria Arjopna is a contemporary woman, always on the go, curious and independent who has been able to conquer one of the most loved stylists in the world.

Armani Beauty My Way Adria Arjona

The My Way fragrance

“Fresh, cheerful and feminine”: these are the three adjectives used to describe the new Armani perfume.

My Way is not only a good perfume, it is also a symbol of sustainability and naturalness.

The promotional campaign was carried out without using any filter, with Adria Arjona completely natural in front of the lens.

The message is clear from the first shots: this perfume wants to be a true ally of women who love each other as they are, without filters or artificial tricks.

Armani Beauty My Way

The eco-sustainable soul of My Way develops in different ways.

It starts with the eco-friendly bottle, created with low environmental impact materials.

It then continues with the plants and flowers that give rise to the fragrance, all coming from sustainable sources.

Finally, there is the preservation of 650 hectares of rainforest. Without a doubt, My Way is a fragrance with zero impact on the environment but of great impact for the women who choose it.

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